28th January 2022

Swindon Soroptimists Plant Trees
Swindon’s Soroptimists have been busy planting trees in West Swindon and I’ll come on to that below. But first of all though I want to have a look at the word Soroptomist. The word comes from the Latin soror, meaning sister and optima meaning best. Ergo, a reasonable interpretation of it is best for women.

The Swindon and District Soroptimists are part of a huge international movement.

Swindon Soroptimists

Soroptimist history

In 1921, in Alameda County in Californian, the first Soroptimist club formed. Comprising over eighty businesses and professional women from around the city of Oakland, Violet Richardson served as the first club president.

Yet, for a female dominated organisation, it’s somewhat surprising to find that a man figures in its origin story. Stuart Morrow helped the first clubs get off the ground.

Much more Soroptimist history here: https://www.soroptimistinternational.org/about-us/history/

Back to the tree planting

Working in partnership with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, the ladies of the Swindon Soroptimists planted 100 trees to celebrate 100 years of the Soroptimist movement. They planted the trees at Rivermead in West Swindon. This local tree-planting effort was part of a worldwide initiative involving clubs from Aberdeen to Sri Lanka to Jamaica. And what Ja-maica that?! To date they’ve planted 71,870 trees across the globe with more plantings in the planning.

Swindon Soroptimists Plant Trees - gazebo display

You can find out more about what they got up with their spades in this piece in the Swindon Advertiser, that tells how they’ve created a wild cherry grove for Swindon.

‘The Rivermead site is a community nature reserve, part of the Swindon Forest Meadows Project. The Swindon club worked in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to add 100 trees to the area.

Find the Swindon group on Facebook here.

Swindon Soroptimists Plant Trees

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