It’s inevitable that beer looms large in this Swindon in 50 Drinks series – and I’ve not even got to Arkell’s yet. But this post features a beer with a difference. Not because there’s something weird and wacky about the flavour – nothing like that. Rather that every time you drink this Phoenix Rising pale ale you support Swindon charity. And if that’s not an incentive to have one over the eight I don’t what is! 😉 Though I’m sure that the Phoenix Rotary wouldn’t encourage such louche behaviour and rather encourage responsible drinking!

As this article in the Swindon Advertiser points out: ‘For every sale of Phoenix Rising, a percentage will go back to the Phoenix rotary club’s charity account and benefit good causes around the town.’

Phoenix Rising Pale Ale

You’ll find this rather delicious pale ale sold in cask, bottles and mini kegs.

Getting it brewed

The project happened in no small part thanks to the efforts of Hop Kettle founder Tom Gee. He not only supported the project but invested his time, energy and his finances to make it happen.

Phoenix Rotary Club president Adam Wainwright had the idea for a Rotary beer during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Thinking ahead to his year as president he asked himself some searching questions. Questions such as: ‘Could we make our own beer a reality?’, ‘Could we join forces with a local brewery to brew a special ale? And, what’s more, could a percentage of sales come back to support local charities and good causes?’ I talked with my fellow Rotarians and we agreed it was an idea worth pursuing.

The bottle says

‘A balanced pale hopped in the kettle and then further dry hopped with American Cascade. A smooth malt base combines with pine and floral hop flavours in this easy-drinking beer.’

I say: ‘It’s most agreeable. Buy it!’

Adam Wainwright of Swindon's Phoenix Rotary Club
In red – Adam Wainwright of Swindon’s Phoenix Rotary Club holding bottles of Phoenix Rising Pale Ale
Hop Kettle tap and brew on Devizes Rd in Old Town
Hop Kettle tap and brew on Devizes Rd in Old Town

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