6th December 2021

Save Oasis Swindon Campaign Steering Group Media Statement on the Grade Two Listing of Oasis Dome and Pool 

The Oasis freeform pool - SOS view on Oasis Listing

SOS view on Oasis Listing
While the SOS campaign didn’t apply to have the Oasis listed, it has both supported and fought for its listing. Ergo, the campaign welcomes the 1 December 2021 decision to Grade II list the Oasis Dome and lagoon pool.

For the record, there were several months of virtual radio silence from both SBC and Seven Capital immediately after the Oasis closure. Communication by these key stakeholders improved in recent months, resulting in some actions. Yet, there remains on the table, several unresolved issues which we are keen to explore further.

We would draw stakeholders’, including members of the public, attention to the offer of support by Historic England to work through managing the listing requirements. We’re sure that this will include clarifying appropriate grant and funding sources earmarked for listed buildings.

SOS’ hopes

SOS hopes that, after the waves have calmed of what may be ill-informed knee-jerk, negative reactions from several quarters, that a positive way forward will emerge for generations of Swindonians to come. A way forward that will allow us all to enjoy a quality, reopened, accessible, affordable, domed Oasis leisure centre.

It occurs that Seven Capital might now resubmit a refreshed planning application with the dome included. In a key development this week, SOS has heard from Seven Capital thatt they’re researching whether there is after all a way to make the Oasis viable with a refurbished dome. Of course the campaign feels this is the right thing to do.

We look forward to working alongside SBC and Seven Capital. Thus we hope for an early initial meeting to share opportunities and challenges resulting from this Listing decision.

Our campaign is far from over. The focus is not only on restoring and reopening the Oasis, but campaigning to preserve the number of facilities a reopened Oasis will offer. People from across the UK are watching the Oasis developments closely. So the pressure is on SBC to formulate a restoration plan with Seven Capital.

SOS Steering Group


saveoasisswindon@gmail.com or steering group members Neil Robinson on 07900073175 or Tony Hillier on 07404526340

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