October 2021

New Owner for STFC
Okay, I know, the news of a new owner for STFC (Swindon Town Football Club), is news no longer. This Swindon Advertiser article featuring Clem Morfuni’s statement to the fans saw the light of day in July this year. But, having had a recent mtg with the new commercial manager, Danny Lee, I felt it right & proper to give the story a mention in the rather under-populated This Sporting Life section of the blog.

Despite not being the biggest fan of sport I always wanted to represent it on this blog. Just because a thing doesn’t interest me doesn’t mean it won’t interest someone else eh? For sure, when writing Swindon in 50 Buildings I made sure that I covered the Country Ground. A book telling Swindon’s story via an eclectic range of buildings had to include its football ground. After all the club’s social and sporting history is an interesting one. And the County Ground Hotel tells a story or two also.

New owner for STFC - the Arkell's stand at the county ground

The coming of Clem Morfuni

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not what you’d call a dedicated sport follower. But yet, the fan’s disquiet about the state of things at STFC hadn’t completely passed me by. Nor too the general consensus that the coming of Clem Morfuni represented a positive move for STFC. Reading the aforementioned Swindon Advertiser column one can get a sense of why. Here’s an extract from Clem’s statement:

‘Firstly, I would like to say how excited, relieved and proud I am to be the new owner and chairman of this fantastic Swindon Town football club. I hope that – under my tenure as custodian of this club – the day I leave the club, it’s in a much better place than it is today.

Before I map out my intentions and my plans for the club, I want to tell the fans that you’ve got your club back. A football club should be the heartbeat of the town and the local community. It should be something that the whole town and surrounding communities takes great pride in. Without fans you don’t have a club. And I want to thank every supporter (many of whom I have got to know personally) who has fought for their club and helped me to gain control.

I know I am indebted to you and will work hard to make this club a club all our fans can be proud of. Last season, we came last in the football league in terms of fan engagement. This season I aim to come first.’

And this article from Australia is worth a read too.

He sounds a great guy and I hope this new owner for STFC succeeds in his fan engagement aims and that STFC can shine again both on and off the pitch. Come on you Robins!

See also for some pics of STFC memorabilia and some personal memories of the club:

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