Smarter Media Aligns With Swindon Town Football Club

Smarter Media Aligns with STFC
Digital marketing company Smarter Media joins a group of businesses backing the new, community-minded set up at Swindon Town Football Club.

The team, based in Gypsy Lane, Swindon, have entered into a sponsorship deal with the club. The deal will see their brand shown at home games. And team members and clients will be able to attend matches as guests.

MD Emma Carter said: ‘Over the last few months, we’ve watched developments at Swindon Town Football Club full of hope. Many of our team members were born and brought up in Swindon. Thus the club has been a huge part of their lives. Having seen it go through some rough times of late, we felt it only right to help it regain its pivotal role in the community.  We’re so impressed with the changes thus far. Hence, it’s a thrill to support the club as part of its recovery for both the sport and business landscape.’

Committed fan

Smarter Media operations director Rob Curtis is a committed Swindon Town fan. He’s filled with excitement by declarations from the new chairman, Clem Morfuni and the new CEO, Rob Angus, to put the club at the heart of Swindon. They’re aiming for more success on the field an more engagement off it.

Rob said: ‘A football club like Swindon Town has a rich history within the football leagues, developing players who have gone on to have terrific careers. But to us fans, it’s about even more than that!

‘Over the last few years the club lost its community connection.  As a previous season ticket holder, I’m pleased to see a new commitment to change, to growth and to success. I’m proud to be part of the next phase of the club.’

Rob Angus, CEO of Swindon Town Football Club, said: It’s great to see Smarter Media join other local businesses in sponsoring Swindon Town Football Club.  To have an association with a fast growing digital media agency is great for our club. I’m sure working together we can continue to connect and engage with our local community. And that’s so important to the future of Swindon Town Football Club and to our local communities.’

Emma, Ben & Rob -Smarter Media Aligns With Swindon Town Football Club
Emma Carter, managing director of Smarter Media with Ben Chorley, Swindon Town Football Club’s director of football and Rob Curtis, Smarter Media’s operations director.

Smarter Media

Smarter Media is a digital growth agency using their ‘Smarter Approach’ to help other businesses grow digitally. Working side by side with clients, the team use their ‘Smarter Way Process’ to create a plan that delivers results. And they offer their ‘Smarter Promise’. That’s to share what what they do, why they do it and the outcomes both good & bad.

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