Mythos Hellenic Beer at the Greek Olive in Swindon
Over the years I’ve sunk a fair few bottles of Hellenic Mythos beer on sunny holidays on the Greek island of Samos. Oh and Corfu too.

But if you can’t get to Greece, then the very next best thing has to be a visit to The Greek Olive restaurant on Faringdon Road. I’ll grant you the view from the restaurant of the GWR Park, while pleasant enough, isn’t quite the same as looking at the Aegean or the Mediterranean. But it’s a lovely substitute. The people are lovely and the food is consistently good. I love the mixed mezze platter – gotta love a gigante!

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Now – back to the beer

Mythos Hellenic Beer at the Greek Olive

According to Brewery International the Mythos Brewery Ltd originated from Henninger Hellas S.A. They being the local Greek importer of German beer, Henninger, established in 1968. 

1992 saw an acquisition of the company and 1994 brought a name change to the Nothern Greece Brewery Ltd. A genuine Greek beer company it’s alleged. 1997 saw the introduction of Mythos. And the millennium saw a name change to Mythos Brewery Ltd – by then the main product. The Carlsberg group brought Mythos into their stable in 2008.

Mythos beer bears a rich head, a bright blonde colour and, apparently, a distinctive fruit aroma with 4.7% ABV. I put that caveat on the aroma as I wouldn’t know, not having a sense of smell.

One of the most popular lagers in Greece, Mythos was an award-winner at the 2001 Interbeer International Beer & Whisky Competition. 

So really, all that remains to say is: Yammas! And onto the Ouzo or the Metaxa brandy. It’s Metaxa for me as I’m not that fond of Ouzo. Even so – it features here in Swindon in 50 Drinks:

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