Sept 2021

Swindon’s New Community Hub Seeks Support

Swindon Hub - Swindon's New Community Hub Seeks Support

Swindon’s new new town-centre community hub has launched a kick-off crowd-funder appeal.

The Hub, aiming to provide a welcoming and affordable town-centre venue for classes, meetings, exhibitions and concerts, is asking Swindon residents to chip in. Whatever they can manage makes a difference.

The crowdfunding appeal has a target of three thousand pounds. The funds will cover:
1. Start-up costs including insurance
2. Servicing the customer lift and well as vital updates to fire, safety and security systems.

Volunteers at the Hub have produced a video as part of their crowdfunding page. As a sign of how long it’s taken to get to this stage, the volunteers in the video below mostly appear wearing winter clothes.

Natalie North, one of the volunteers behind the project, said “We have arrived at an exciting point. Now we’ve signed the lease we’re ready to turn this empty building into an amazing Hub in Swindon’s town centre’

Calling Swindon residents and businesses

‘We’re calling out to all Swindon residents to support this charitable project. We’re all volunteers and it’s all not for profit’, Natalie added.

The Hub opened its doors for the first time last Saturday, offering a sneak preview and a chance to get involved.  Volunteers welcomed shoppers and passers-by inside the former River Island store. They aim to make the new Swindon Hub a vibrant venue in the heart of Swindon.

Some of the over 100 visitors to the Hub picked up a cloth or a broom, lending a hand to the big job of cleaning and dusting. Almost two years since the last tenants moved out, plenty of dust had accumulated.

‘It was a big job’ said Mark Page, one of the Hub volunteers. “But it’s going to be well worth it when all the events and activities start happening’, he added.

Swindon's New Community Hub Seeks Support - big clean at Swindon's hub

The gang encourged everyone who visited to pick up a felt pen and put their ideas down on the Dream Board. In other words a huge sheet of paper where people could suggest what they would like to do or see in the new community centre.

‘We’ve had so many great ideas” says Jol Rose, one of the organisers on the day. “Our next step is to start making those dreams real. The Crowd-funder is key to getting the place ready’ Jol said.

Where to support the crowd-funder

People can support the Crowdfunder at

The Hub welcomes all offers of help or support. Contact them at or via Swindon Hub on Facebook.

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