September 2021

Looking Good Dead at the Wyvern Theatre
It’s been a long time listeners. I simply can’t remember when I was last at the theatre. But we’re back! For now at least …

So, my for my first visit to the auditorium since the BC days, I got a good dose of deadly drama in Peter James’ stage play. Oh it felt good to see something three-dimensional again. I mean Netflix is brilliant right – but it IS good to see something live. I was starting to forget.

Looking good Dead

Book tickets here:

From the blurb on the official website:
‘The thrilling Roy Grace series from multi-million No.1 best-selling author Peter James returns with the world premiere stage production of Looking Good Dead, starring award-winning actor and EastEnders icon, Adam Woodyatt and star of stage and screen Gaynor Faye (Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Syndicate) …’

What you can expect

I’m ever impressed with the staging of plays and the clever use of set design. And this one was very nifty. In the image below the action the audience sees behind that domestic blind, is what the characters are viewing on their laptop from their perch on the sofa. Then there’s one other piece of set that slides on and off.

Nice room set I thought – very Ikea!

The stage of Looking good dead at the Wyvern
The stage of Looking good dead at the Wyvern

The action is pacy – there’s ne’er a dull moment – and obvs, as the title of the play suggests, it’s about murder. But not a cosy crime a la Agatha Christie or Father Brown. Far from it. I can’t say too much for fear of spoilers so will say only that it has a rather dark subject matter at its core so be prepared for that.

There’s a few humorous moments here and there but on the whole it’s gripping, edge-of-seat stuff. Oh – and there’s a twist right at the end of course. I didn’t see it coming – but then I never do!

So go and see it. If you don’t you’ll be dead sorry! See link above to book tickets.

The cast

Headlining is Adam Woodyatt of Eastenders fame – whom I barely recognised so much weight has he lost! He is always good value – I’ve seen him twice in panto at the Wyvern. His Captain Hook was glorious! Opposite him is Gaynor Faye – unknown to me I fear but I’m many of you will be familiar with her excellent work.

Here is Adam speaking about the production:

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