30th August 2021

A request from the Mechanics’ Institution trust

Share your Mechanics’ Memories
For decades the Mechanics’ building was at the centre of the community. But today it stands empty. Many Swindonians have fond memories of time spent with friends and family in the building, from first dates and theatre performances to ping pong and dancing!
Sadly, some have only ever known it covered in weeds and scaffolding. 

mechanics logo - Share your Mechanics' Memories!

The heritage open days event is coming up soon. For that event, we, the Mechanics’ Institution trust, want to gather your memories of the building and why it matters to you.

We’ll display these Mechanics’ Memories on 11th and 12th September around the building. 

So, join us in the village on the day to write your memory label. Or send a short email to helen@mechanics-trust.org.uk and we’ll add it to the display.

NB: Although we’ll make these memories public we will never disclose your personal details without permission.

But what a lovely way to share your Mechanics’ memories.

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