August 2021

Recently, meandering round town with a Federation of Small Businesses colleague, Ruth Lambert, we chanced upon The Drink Valley – sounds good right? Well it is. There’s a good selection of beers some of which I doubt you’d find in the supermarket.

Though I’m largely a wine drinker, I’m partial to a drop of beer too. And have been since I was a little girl – I blame my grandad. From my being a young age he gave me brown ale and stout to sample!

So anyway, scanning the shelves for something different to try, my eyes alighted on the Hercule Stout. Being a lover of Agatha Christie, feeling that David Suchet was the definitive Poirot and being partial to a drop of brown ale AND Belgian beer, I plumped for it.

Hercule Belgian Stout
Hercule Belgian stout

About this beer

The Beer Merchant’s website says of it:

‘Considered a world classic, this beer is named after the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. The brewery makes the brewery in small batches and lagers it for ten days in German oak casks. Many beer drinkers regard the Hercule beer as a classic. It’s very malty, yet dry, with a hint of sweetness in its finish. Further, it’s perfectly hopped.

It carries a distinctive and intoxicating spicy scent of fresh spruce. A scent that fills the room when you release the swing top.

It’s likely that its unique character comes from the strains of yeast that the brewery, the Brasseries des Legends, uses. And possibly from the fermentation in oak. And because the beer is made from malt and hops with no spices or sugar.’

Well – I don’t know about a lot of that. But I can say the top made a most satisfying ‘sigh’ when I opened it. And it’s delicious!

See this article about the Drinks Valley in The Business Exchange.

‘ … The shop is run by brewer Dhiraj Pujari and his wife Deepali and stocks over 150 different beers, ciders, wines and spirits including locally-produced drinks as well as beverages from national and international artisans.

Dhiraj has worked in the brewing industry for 11 years and has an MSc in Brewing and Distilling. His intention is to also run a Craft Beer Bar in the shop but due to the current pandemic he has had to put these plans on ice for the time-being. Instead Dhiraj and Deepali are concentrating on building up the business from their Canal Walk shop which now stocks an extensive range of beverages, including low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Next month they will be introducing a same-day delivery service for Swindon customers plus next-day UK deliveries. ..’

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