July 2021

Swindon’s Street Art
Back in the day, thanks to a Labour government job creation scheme and a visionary arts officer called Terry Court, Swindon became something of a mural capital thanks to the work of Swindon-born artist Ken White. One by one his murals disappeared and now only one remains, the first one, the Golden Lion Bridge mural.

More on Ken White here: https://swindonian.me/category/artscultureheritage/ken-white/

Ken White as a much younger man with the Golden Lion Bridge mural
Ken White as a much younger man with the Golden Lion Bridge mural

But in recent years murals and street art have once again started to grace Swindon’s walls, gable ends and ugly hoardings.

Back in 2015 I wrote about the new mural on Cambria Bridge. As it happens, there used to be a mural by the aforementioned Ken White on the self-same wall. So, in a neat bit of artistic symmetry this new mural references Ken.

Then in more recent times, 2019 to be precise, I published this blog celebrating two more new murals. One of them being Billy Beaumont’s Then, When and Now (of Swindon) mural on the side of the artiste building on Theatre Square. And the other one is located on the side of the Wyvern theatre and is called My Town – My World.

But there’s more

And now here we are in 2021 and Swindon’s street art and murals are cropping up all over the place. I haven’t seen them all and can’t possibly cover them all in one blog post. So I’ve picked out four – in no particular order.

1. The Morrison’s building on Regent Circus

mural on The Morrison's building on Regent Circus
Our Mural, designed by Martin Travers

You can read more detail on this mural in this article here. It explains who the artists are and what the mural depicts. This particular piece of mural magic happened in a partnership between the Regent Circus management and the artists, Swindon-born Martin Travers and a London-based street artist, Lionel Stanhope.

2. Princes Street

Swindon's Street Art and Murals - princes street swindon mural

This is a Swindon Borough Council production on an old wall near the Rendezvous Chinese restaurant. It’s co-creators are Peter Cowdy and Caryn Koh from Artiste and the Post Modern.

The work represents Swindon and its amazing outdoor spaces from the GWR Park to Queen’s Park in the town centre. I love it because it features my very favourite building in the background – the David Murray John Tower.

3. Wharf Green – Mother Earth with flower of life

This mural is staggering and I can not at all show it properly here. Funded by InSwindon, it’s painted by Pete Cowdy and Dayna Baxter and runs the length of the wall where the sadly-defunct big screen hangs.

4. And last, but by no means least, a note of HOPE

Hope mural on the Debenhams building
Extract from Artsite newsletter
Extract from Artsite newsletter