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News from the GWR Railway Village Heritage Action Zone

GWR Park Follow-Up Survey
‘We had a fantastic response to our survey about GWR Park. Over 400 people told us why the park is important and what needs to change.  Landscape architects Cookson and Tickner have prepared a draft conservation management plan. That plan that takes on board these views and sets out the park’s future management.

Go to to see how people responded and view the vision and the draft Plan. (That collates a wealth of historical information and images)

That done please do then complete our short survey by following the link above.

This project has been made possible by the Heritage Action Zone. Through which the Council is being supported by Historic England to deliver a range of projects aimed at revitalising the Railway Village.

GWR Park Follow-Up Survey

GWR Park Follow-Up Survey - image of leaflet.

About the consultants – Cookson & Tickner:

‘Cookson & Tickner Ltd is a landscape architecture practice with a wealth of expertise in landscape planning, design and management.  Our services range from countryside planning and strategies for green infrastructure and woodland through to the management and design of parks and gardens.  We are specialists in the conservation, restoration and management of historic landscapes.

We provide advice to public, private and charitable organisations throughout the UK. Also, we work at a variety of scales, from county and district wide landscape assessments through to detailed design and site supervision.’

For more about the GWR Park

For more on the GWR Park Swindon visit this post here. And for more on the GWR railway village conservation area itself, of which the GWR Park is a part, go here.

The railway village, the GWR Park, New Swindon and the GWR railway heritage in general do of course feature in my Born Again Swindonian guide book.

Here’s a fun time-lapse video made by a chum of the GWR heritage trail featured in the book:

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