July 5th 2021

Pioneers in Climate Crisis Solutions unite – Wiltshire company steps up to help residents ditch fossil fuel transport

Climate Crisis Solutions Unity
For the first time, a collective of pioneers in climate change solutions – including Wiltshire-based Good Energy – have come together. Their aim? To help make a city’s transport cleaner and greener – sooner rather than later.

Spearheaded by digital hub Action Net Zero CIC and its founder Pamela Barbato, key partners in a plan to help Bristol embrace green transport are revealed today (July 5 2021). These partners will work together to help Bristolians make greener choices when it comes to moving around the city, region and the UK.

Climate Crisis Solutions Unity - Pamela Barbarto
Pamela Barbarto

Pamela Barbato said: ‘I’m proud to announce our current collaborators today. And to help shine a light on Bristol who are at the forefront of driving sustainable change.’

We want to support both businesses and residents on their journey to greener transport. That will make it easy for them to switch to cleaner choices improving air quality, making a healthier and happier city for everyone. 

The Partners are

Good Energy

100% renewable energy provider who also supports clean technology. That includes helping to get more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road.


nabling businesses and residents to share chargers thus helping them change to electric vehicles sooner. This including 40% of drivers who live in flats or don’t have driveways.


The UK’s first EV-friendly energy tariff and charge point comparison site. Over 8,000 drivers have connected to a charge point installer or an energy supplier. In doing so they’ve reduced their bills by an average of more than £500 per year.

ALD Automotive

Operating in 43 countries to provide fleet and mobility solutions to corporate organisations, SMEs and private individuals. This through championing the decarbonisation of corporate mobility through the electrification of fleets.


A world leader in clean air management solutions dedicated to the eradication of toxic and global warming gases.

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Good Energy

Nigel Pocklington, CEO of Good Energy, based in Chippenham, said:

‘One of the big challenges we need to address as we transition to clean transport is making it straightforward and fair for people to charge their electric cars with real renewable power. We’re a company on Bristol’s doorstep with strong roots in the city. Thus we know that if it’s possible to create a new kind of community-based clean transport scheme anywhere, it’s possible in Bristol.

In keeping with the city’s history as a leader on environment and climate action, Action Net Zero Bristol looks set to create a blueprint for other cities to follow.’

Initiative launched

Today the initiative has launched via a social media campaign and local media outreach campaign directing people to www.actionnetzero.org  for information.

There they will find tools, learn about incentives and plan how and when to switch to greener transport.

Pamela said: ‘We’re also asking businesses and residents to join the evolution and help Bristol drive change. They can sign up to become ‘Transformerss”. There they’ll get support to make better transport choices and share their stories to inspire others. 

‘It could be as simple as joining a work cycle scheme, saving money by switching to 100% renewable energy or comparing electric car chargers. Or seeking advice on how and when your business should switch to an electric fleet. Together we can help everyone on their net zero journey.’

Other organisations in the mix

Other organisations have also come alongside Action Net Zero Bristol to show their support. These include:

1. TLT, a law firm with expertise in clean energy
2. Elmtronics, specialists in vehicle charging solutions
3. Business West, a membership organisation representing around 23,000 businesses across the South West.

Nina Skubala, head of climate strategy at Business West, said:

‘Far from being the sole preserve of scientists and activists, climate change is now a mainstream business issue. There can be no prosperous future generated at the expense of the environment. Businesses must act now.

We’re an organisation with the scale and influence to support and challenge the business community to adapt to meet the challenges of climate change.’

To find out more about Action Net Zero and the launch of its green transport campaign next month visit https://www.actionnetzero.org

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