Karen Edwards, mother of murder victim Becky Godden-Edwards,  backs Mike Rees, the former detective standing as Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Murder Victim’s Mum backs Mike Rees
Karen Edwards, the mother of murder victim Becky Godden-Edwards, has declared her support for former detective Mike Rees. Mr Rees is standing as an independent candidate in the forthcoming second election for a new Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner.

Mike was one of the officers who worked on the investigating team of the murders of Becky and Sian O’Callaghan. Though Karen didn’t know that at the time. 2012 saw murderer Christopher Halliwell convicted of killing Sian. He was then convicted of Becky’s murder in 2016. During that four year gap, Karen campaigned for justice for her daughter.

Becky disappeared in 2003 when she was 20 years old. At the time she was in a dark place. She was a drug addict and working as a sex worker to feed her habit. Karen and her late husband Charlie had tried many times to help her. Then all communication stopped.

What they did not know was that Christopher Halliwell had murdered Becky and buried her body in a field. Her murder only came to light when Halliwell confessed to killing Sian O’Callaghan in 2011. Yet Halliwell was not tried for Becky’s murder for several years.

Murder Victim's Mum backs Mike Rees -Mike Rees and Karen

Someone like Mike needed

‘We need someone like Mike overseeing Wiltshire Police,’ Karen said. “I’m supporting him because he’s a good and honest person. I’m grateful for the respect he showed Becky and his ability to relate to those like myself, who go through incredible trauma.

I’ve spoken to Mike about his work as a police officer, as a businessman and as an active member of the Wiltshire community. He has the knowledge and the know-how to take the police forward.  A lot of people have lost faith in the police. And I feel someone like Mike with his thirty-years’ experience will make radical changes to restore public confidence.’

Mike has expressed his thanks to Karen. She’s one of this army of volunteers, currently standing at over 200, who are planning to campaign on his behalf across the county.

I’m honoured and humbled to have Karen’s support during my campaign. Karen has huge respect and has fought so hard for justice for her daughter. She is a kind, tenacious and caring person. After what she has been through in her life, to have someone like Karen support me in my campaign means the world to me.

‘Women’s safety and ensuring the justice system is fit for purpose is vital in a modern civilised society. All too often we hear stories of how victims feel let down by the justice system and that the system can feel weighted towards the accused.

‘In Karen’s particular circumstances, she has had to fight tooth and nail to seek justice for her daughter. As a PCC I would seek funds to look at the Halliwell case again to satify the public that we’ve exhausted every line of enquiry.’

Murder Victim’s Mum backs Mike Rees

Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Mike is running as the independent candidate in the forthcoming re-election of Wiltshire police & crime commissioner.

Today he’s a business owner. In 1999, following the death of a close friend, Mike founded Fatboys, a registered charity. The charity supports children throughout the UK suffering from cancer and leukemia.

To date Fatboys has raised well over £350,000. Mike is also a professional boxing coach.

To find out more about Mike and/or to follow him go to: https://www.facebook.com/M.R.PCC.W, Twitter @MikeRees_PCCW or his website http://www.mrpcc.co.uk/

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