June 2021

An open letter to Seven Capital
To tie in with the Save the Oasis campaign’s rally/protest held on Saturday 19th June 2021, community union Acorn are delivering this letter to the CEO of Seven Capital in London as soon as is possible.

The letter comes from:
Save the Oasis Campaign
in association with ACORN Swindon
Email: saveoasisswindon@gmail.com

It will go to:
Seven Capital
97 Park Lane

An open letter to Seven Capital - the Oasis dome from above

The open letter to Seven Capital

Dear Bal Sohal


We, the Save the Oasis campaign, have tried, without success, to communicate with Seven Capital since the beginning of 2021 when the facility first closed. It’s both worrying and of the utmost frustration when an organisation is so impossible to talk to and won’t offer a named contact. It certainly gives the worst possible impression.

As weve not been able to make contact with you, here are our questions and demands that we request you respond to as a matter of urgency.

1. Communications with the SOS campaign

We call on Seven Capital to instigate direct communication with Save Oasis Swindon and to work with us to uphold the wishes of Swindonians: the retention of the iconic dome and refurbishment of the existing centre.

2. Maintenance of the building

Why haven’t you properly maintained the building since taking on the lease from Swindon Borough Council?

We understand that you inherited a backlog of maintenance from SBC when you signed the lease however, the centre has not been properly cared for while it was open. Further, it absolutely has not been either maintained or secured since it closed. Neither Covid nor the ongoing listing application prevent there being due care and attention paid to the heritage asset in your charge. 

3. Your intentions if the Oasis is listed

The campaign wishes to know what you intend to do should the building be listed. Can we expect a statement from you?

4. Our financial concerns

Can you demonstrate to the campaign that you are:
a. Solvent now and … 
b. Have arrangements to remain so for the next 25 years

5. Trespassing into the centre

Because you failed to secure the Oasis facility, there have been many incidents of trespassing and vandalism. All of which have added to this building’s woes.

  1. The campaign wishes to know do you have insurance to cover repair from such trespass injury?
  2. And, further, to cover compensation for injuries said trespassers may sustain in the course of their activity.

    It took until the 15th June for the campaign to learn that the building you are going to secure the building.That’s great and we’re pleased. But the question remains why it has taken Seven Capital/Swindon Borough Council until now to make it secure. The campaign has literally begged, from the start of the year, for you or SBC or both to take control of this situation. In the absence of any contact from Seven Capital it’s Swindon Borough Council that we’ve had to hound to get this security.

    Below are just two images that show the degradation that you and SBC have between you allowed to happen to this facility. The very best spin that anyone can put on this, is constructive vandalism.

Yours sincerely
Neil Robinson, Founder member of Save Oasis Swindon campaign
Helena Bowie and Emma Williams, campaign co-ordinators
Natalie North – Chair of ACORN Swindon

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