Platform Project goes Orange for Kit Tarka
The team at Swindon’s Platform Project are supporting a Go Orange fundraising campaign. It’s in support of the Kit Tarka Foundation and has to date raised more than £1000.

Platform Project goes Orange for Kit Tarka - Kit Tarka group shot

A team of interns at The Platform Project have arranged several fundraising activities. They include a sponsored 200 metre ‘dino obstacle race’. In that, as you’d expect, participants dressed up as giant dinosaurs. There’s also been a cake sale. While youth worker, Phoebe Jerman undertook a 13 mile hike across the Ridgeway.

Also, they’re setting up an online gallery to showcase some of their work around the fundraiser. That will range from artwork to poetry. They’ve also designed t-shirts to sell as a fundraiser. All proceeds will go to the Kit Tarka Foundation.

You can make a donation here

The Kit Tarka Foundation works to prevent new-born baby deaths. In the main through raising awareness of neonatal herpes (HSV Type 1), also known as the cold sore virus. 70% of adults carry the herpes virus. Although often symptomatic, it’s fatal when passed on to babies.

Earlier this year, Fiona Simpson, a part-time youth development manager at The Platform Project, lost her eight-day-old nephew, Joshua to the virus.

Fiona Simpson said: ‘The support I received from the interns and our ever-growing team of staff overwhelmed me.

The interns decided to support this charity as part of their social impact project. That’s one of the many projects they work on whilst they are on their internship programme.’

The Platform Project

The Platform Project, based in the Dorcan area of Swindon, is now in its fourth year. It’s a social enterprise that runs developmental internships. The scheme prepares young people between the ages of 16-21 for the work environment and take their next steps into a career. 

Fiona and The Platform Project team have high hopes for their fundraising efforts. They want it to both help raise money for the Kit Tarka Foundation and raise awareness of something that very few people know anything about.

You can make a donation here

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