New book aims to get to the bottom of how to have a healthy gut

How to have a healthy gut
A Wiltshire woman, whose clinic specialises in helping people achieve and maintain gut health, has published a new Book that isn’t Sh!t. It’s packed with advice on doing that exact thing. A poo that is.

t’s called Let That Sh*t Go! and subtitled 31 Things To Do If You Want A Better Poo. In it, Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie’s draws on her 16 years’ experience, helping people at the business end of gut health, through her colonic irrigation practice.

A New Book that Isn't Sh!t - Katherine Brooks Mackenzie - How to have a healthy gut

The poo taboo

Katherine wants to, in her words, ‘get rid of the poo taboo’. So people will talk about their gut health and have no embarrassment about seeking help.

People think it’s all about food. That we’ve got a long pipe with food and water going in at one end,and poo coming out the other’, said Katherine.

The gut is a complex business – apt!

The gut and having a poo, is in fact a complex business. There is a neurological and psychological aspect. The gut has the medical classification of the brain. It’s got 100-200 million neurons. And, for every message that goes from the brain to the gut, there are nine going the other way.

‘I see many people get outdated advice, often taking a lot of medication to sort their bowel problems. We need to go back to basics and get the bacterial environment in our guts right. Then we need to listen to those messages, paying attention to the quality, regularity and comfort of our bowel movements. Because when your gut functions well, life feels great!’

Based in Chippenham, Katherine’s practice, The Healthy Gut Clinic, helps people with a range of functional bowel issues. These can be constipation, diarrhoea and IBS. And also well those who are detoxing, or who are proactive in wanting to maintain gut health. She also helps people who have gone through emotional upheaval, come out the other side and want to take the opportunity to let their old self go and start with a clean slate. Or bowel. As it were.

Where the inspiration cane from

Katherine’s inspiration to write her book arose from a desire to:

1. Dispel myths about colonic irrigation
2. Give advice on how to achieve and maintain gut health
3. Open people’s eyes to the strategic role played by the gut in overall health.

‘I’m at the sharp end of the digestive process – literally at the bottom. I spend my working days staring at a pipe containing another person’s waste matter,’ said Katherine.

‘Yet, this book isn’t only for people who might be considering a colonic treatment. It’s for everyone. Whether they have a particular issue. Or if they simply want to look after their gut and learn a little more about the process and the important part it plays.’

Katherine believes that good gut health can help everything from sleeplessness, to menstrual problems, to migraines. The book focuses on simple, common sense steps that everyone can take to improve their digestive function.

About the sh!t book

Front cover of Let that Sh!t go book. How to have a healthy gut

On sale with Amazon, Let That Sh*t Go! retails at £11.99 in paperback and is also available on Kindle.
Without a doubt a new book that isn’t sh!t. Nor is it full of it!

For more information about The Healthy Gut Clinic visit
Or email or call 07908 442211.

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