30th April 2021

Swindon DoubleTree Hilton Dining Deck

Swindon DoubleTree Hilton Dining Deck- the deck patio at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel on Junction 16 in Swindon
The deck patio at the front of the DoubleTree Hilton in Swindon

Swindon DoubleTree Hilton Dining Deck
So today myself and two friends enjoyed a delicious if chilly lunch on the new dining deck area at the Swindon DoubleTree Hilton Hotel at Lydiard Fields.

When I say ‘chilly lunch’ I refer to the temperature/weather and not that we were served cold food! I know all about the vagaries of the British weather of course. Even so a T-Shirt, two layers of cashmere, a duvet coat and fingerless gloves felt a bit ridiculous as we go into May.

The reason for the visit

You can’t have failed to notice that the world has spent the past year in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the vaccination programme rolling on almost at the speed of light, we in the UK are slowly emerging from lockdown. Thus, for now, we can meet outside.

Nothing about this situation has been fun for anyone of course. But it’s fair to say that hospitality and events has been hit harder than most things. Ergo, now we can socialise outside, restaurants and cafes such establishments are seeking ways to maximise the opportunity. Which brings us to the shiny new dining deck at the Swindon DoubleTree Hilton Hotel.

Seeking to capitalise on our new freedoms to dine outside, the hotel has installed a sizeable deck area with tables, chairs and parasols and a further gravelled area with picnic bench seating. So there’s a good amount of seating available.

So myself and two chums, Jo Garton and Marilyn Trew toddled along today to try it, and the food, out.

Onto the food

I think perhaps the best way to talk about the food is to show it. There were no surprises on the menu – it was all the standard sort of stuff that you’d expect to find in such an establishment. But that’s not a bad thing by any means and isn’t meant as a negative.

It was all very tasty and served on a range of wonderful crockery. If I can’t have a white tablecloth *sigh* then the least I expect is decent crockery! And, particularly pleasing, the butter came in pats in an actual dish. As opposed to in those nasty, pesky little peel-back things that one is so often subjected to. Those things are bad for the environment and a messy fiddle to use. And they’re not … stylish. It’s the little things. So a big tick to the Hilton from me for proper presentation of the butter.

And, we didn’t think the prices were bad either – as things go.

Any negatives?

Only one. Not particular to this establishment and a personal dislike. But I have to get it off my chest. What? Starbucks!

I hate, loathe and detest Starbucks with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. I’m afraid I hate the thick, massive mugs big enough to float a battleship in. And I loathe how much they, and other large coffee retailers for that matter, charge for a black coffee – frankly it’s stealing. But worse still – I don’t even find it nice. In essence, I’ve yet to find a coffee in Starbucks.

A very personal prejudice I accept. And I’m well aware that many people love Starbucks. And if you’re one of them – happy days at the Hilton.

Would I go again?

Despite the Starbucks, yes absolutely! When the clouds finally parted we could see that it’s a super sunny spot. They’ve got patio heaters and all-encompassing giant umbrellas arriving soon – so you could well enjoy a warmer meal than we did!

And a big plus point for me is that it’s within striking distance. And of course it’s all about location, location, location isn’t it?

So, in short, if you’re looking for an outside socialising and dining area in Swindon for work or pleasure – dash to the DoubleTree and hurry to the Hilton! With its location just off the motorway junction there, it is in an ideal spot with plenty of parking.

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