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Council Meeting Accepts Labour Group’s Oasis Motion 

26th March 2021

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Council Meeting Accepts Oasis Motion
At last night’s Full Council meeting, Labour put forward a motion. The motion requested that the Council leader, Cllr David Renard, work with the iconic leisure centre’s current owners to produce a report detailing a full building and works survey. The report would include costs for work needed. The Conservative administration accepted the motion and voted for it with one small amendment. The Council leader now has three months to produce said report. Failure so to do means he has to return to Full Council to explain why.

Needless to say, the Save the Oasis campaign is full of delight at the passing of this motion. It’s clear to us that this should have happened months ago but we’re overjoyed that it’s going to happen at last. It’s our sincere our hope that a full report into the state of the Oasis will allow all parties to work out the merits, or otherwise, of the various options.

As a campaign group, we couldn’t be more pleased with the positivity that emerged in the Full Council meeting. In particular when this has not always been the case.

We received much praise for our campaign and the steps we’ve taken to speak to engineers about how to save the original dome. While not wanting to get too excited, it feels like a clear and positive shift in direction for the town’s administration. They appear to now be receptive to the idea of retaining the landmark dome.

Council Meeting Accepts Oasis Motion - The Oasis dome from above - Save Oasis Campaign Seeks Sustainable Solutions
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Not driven by sentimentality alone

The campaign doesn’t view the dome and the Oasis through sentimentality and rose-tinted glasses alone. We’re all-too aware of the potential difficulties but also feel that sustainable solutions aren’t impossible. We ask only that the council exhaust all such possibilities before taking any drastic decisions.

Last night’s unanimous acceptance, by the current administration, of the Labour group’s motion is, we feel, a big step in the right direction.

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