A stone circle and a tiny forest at East Wichel Park Swindon

EAST Wichel park Swindon now has its own stone circle (and a teeny, tiny forest) thanks to rocks recovered from Cavendish Square, reports the Swindon Advertiser.

The Sarsen stones, of the same type found at Stonehenge, now make a decorate feature in the play area at East Wichel. The addition of the stones has brought some much needed character to a somewhat bleak expanse. The stone circle comes following the completion of landscaping work around the play area.

Said South Swindon parish councillor Neil Hopkins, the stones had been on a temporary site until we worked out what to do with them. This is a thoughtful way to make use of them.

Tree planting

The area has benefitted too from having some trees planted. That’s been with help from apprentices at the Mini car plant and East Wichel primary school and nursery.

East Wichel Park Swindon
Photo: Matthew Bradley, South Swindon parish council

Swindon-based BMW Mini electric sponsor the forest site – appropriate. The environmental charity, Earthwatch installed the site and will monitor it for its biodiversity benefits. Explained Cllr Hopkins, “When we found they were prepared to sponsor a tiny forest site we thought we could use it for the East Wichel play area. It’s really terrific. It complements the stone circle, will make a big effect and take carbon out of the atmosphere. A new fence will go around the saplings to protect from deer.

Tree planting at East Wichel park in Swindon
Photo from South Swindon parish Facebook page
Linda Kasmaty and Jane Milner Barry with signage at East Wichel Park Swindon
Linda Kasmaty & Jane Milner-Barry – Photo: Matthew Bradley South Swindon parish council

South Swindon Parish Council on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouthSwindonParish

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On the topic of sarsen stones

See this post from my guest blogger, Rebecca Davis all about Wiltshire’s wonderful sarsen stones – they’re everywhere. In the GWR park in the centre of Swindon and at Pinehurst lagoon for starters.

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