Nutritional therapist launches a virtual spring rejuvenation programme to raise money for charity

Peyton’s Principles for charity fundraising
Caroline Peyton, the qualified nutritional therapist and naturopath behind Peyton Principles, is launching a 14 day spring cleanse programme. It starts on Monday 15 March in aid of The Churn Project

Caroline has aimed the programme at anyone who wants to re-balance their diet ready for spring and emerging from lockdown. It involves online support with:

  • 14 day meal plan & recipes
  • Step-by-step guided cleanse
  • Expert food & lifestyle advice
  • Live video, tips & information
  • Three digestion yoga flows

Caroline, who runa clinics in Swindon and Gloucestershire for 11 years, is charging £29 for the online course. And she’ll donate half of that fee to the charity. She hopes to raise £200 via this course.

Peyton's Principles for charity fundraising - Caroline Peyton
Caroline is a Professional Nutritionist, Naturopath based in Wiltshire.

Good gut health

Naturopaths have always said “health starts in the Gut”.  And now science is finally catching up with that. A winter of heavier foods, alcohol, less exercise and darkness takes its toll on our digestive system. Bowels can become sluggish or out of sorts. Gut bacteria can get out of balance, digestive capability can become strained. That in turn, affects the health of our body and minds leaving us feeling tired, heavy and moody. Now is the time to get your digestion back on track.

“My step by step programme will show how to feed the good gut bacteria, stop feeding the pathogens, cleanse the bowels, support digestion and give the gut a rest.

“This year I wanted to give something back to the community in what has been a very challenging year for us all. I’m aware that for some people it’s been utterly terrible. They may be lonely and isolated, or suffering from mental health issues. Or they may have suffered deep loss. 

“I was aware of The Churn Project’s work. I saw them helping to support to the most vulnerable and marginalised people of the Cirencester area in reducing isolation and improve wellbeing. I’m committed to raising funds for this worthwhile cause.”

About Caroline

Caroline graduated with a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy (2009). Then came her own practice and helping to launch the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA. That’s a professional association for nutritional therapists.  In 2010 she set up her business. She continues to run clinics at Whiteway Court in Cirencester, Kempsford and Swindon.

Caroline specialises in nutritional therapy, gut and digestive issues and advocates wellbeing in the workplace. 

To register for the course please visit