February 2021

The Veteran's Hub Swindon - screenshot from webite

The veteran’s hub Swindon exists to do what is says in the title of this post. How needed support for veterans is can’t be underestimated. For it’s severely lacking in places where it should exist. At Swindon’s veteran’s hub they understand that. They know all to well the support that veterans need – and how big a difference the smallest amount of support can and does make.

Founded in 2019, the people behind the hub are determined to have a positive effect on their community.

Co-operation and collaboration

To achieve their aims the veteran’s hub works in partnership with a number of organisations – strength in numbers and all that eh? Amongst the people the hub works with are:

1. Swindon Borough Council
2. Walking with the Wounded
3. The NHS TILS service – that’s the transition, intervention and liaison mental health service …

… to name but three.

Suicide rate amongst veterans

Should you be wondering why this support is necessary then take a look at this piece on the BBC news website that talks about the suicide crisis for British veterans. ‘Military charities say they are not coping with the increased demand for mental health support.’ It seems that, according to campaigners, 2019 saw 58 veterans take their own lives. Further, this 2020 piece from The Week reports on the surge in suicides by UK veterans of the Afghan war. In it they report that: ‘More than 70 former and serving personnel took their lives in 2018 and at least 50 suicides occurred last year. Fourteen former and serving personnel are thought to have taken their own lives in the past two months alone.’ Why? Well, Research suggests that delayed-onset post-traumatic stress disorder can arrive a decade or more after the event in question.

It’s clear that, somehow or other, and this is not the place to go into that, veterans are simply not getting the support they need. And that’s where the veteran’s hub Swindon comes in.

the veterans hub swindon

They have wonderful long terms for Swindon’s veterans and if you want to know more about what they get up to then follow the hub’s Facebook page here and their YouTube channel here.

Here’s a short piece of Graham Stobbs training for his kayak challenge:

How you can support them

On the website here you’ll find two ways to support the veteran’s hub Swindon.

Veterans hub mug

One way to support them is to buy one of these cheery mugs from which to enjoy your brew. Happily it co-ordinates with my kitchen perfectly!

Only £6 – a bargain!

Or – why not set up a direct debit for a monthly subscription to the hub? A mere £3 a month from you is riches beyond measure to them.

supporting the veterans at Christmas - Christmas goodies

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