February 2021

Former Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher supports independent candidate standing for role of Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Steve Fulcher supports Independent PCC Candidate
Former Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher is best known as the man who left the Wiltshire Police force over the investigation into killer, Christopher Halliwell. Why do I mention this? Because Fulcher is supporting ex-detective Mike Rees in his bid to become Wiltshire’s next P&C commissioner.

Steve said: “Mike and I worked together during my years in Wiltshire. I knew him to be an officer of real passion, dedication and integrity. He was a very talented and innovative detective and a great leader of teams.”

“On hearing he was willing to stand as an independent PCC candidate, I was very encouraged and willing to lend my backing. Fulfilling the office of PCC is a significant commitment as policing faces challenges in both national and local arenas.

“Mike has spent his life serving the people of Wiltshire. He’s determined to ensure the police service is the best it can be. One in which he and the community can take pride. His willingness to sacrifice his own interests and commit himself to serving in this way is commendable. 

“Mike has a wide network of policing, management and leadership expertise he can call on. With this he’ll examine and develop the fundamentals of an effective police service. He has inexhaustible energy and vast experience. Besides that, he knows what to prioritise within various constraints.

Steve Fulcher supports Independent PCC Candidate - Mike Rees and Steve Fulcher
Mike Rees, independant candidate for Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner supported by Steve Fulcher. Photographs taken by Barbara Leatham Photography on January 28th 2021 in Salisbury Wiltshire. Photos taken outside Salisbury Cathedral, Market Square, The Council House Salisbury.

Steve Fulcher – supports Independent PCC Candidate

Steve Fulcher left Wiltshire Police in 2014. His resignation followed his becoming subject to an investigation over decisions he made when questioning Swindon killer Christopher Halliwell. Haliwell abducted and murdered Sian O’Callaghan. Halliwell also admitted to the killing of Becky Godden. He offered to show Steve where he’d buried her body. Halliwell is currently serving a full-life sentence for the murder of the two women. Steve stands by the decisions he made in the fast-moving situation of a high-pressure murder case. Mike has always supported Steve around making a moral choice in an extraordinary situation. 

Mike said: “I’m pleased and grateful to have Steve’s support. I’m relishing the prospect of working with him again in the policing arena. Steve has genuine concern for people. And that’s whether they’re staff or members of the public or crime victims. I know like me, he’s passionate about delivering a quality service to the public.

“Being an independent candidate means I don’t follow a political party line. For me it’s all about the task and getting what needs doing done, in best way possible. Steve and I have knowledge of what officers and staff face daily.”

Steve, who joined the police aged 21, ascended through the ranks to detective superintendent in 2007. That’s the highest rank for a hands-on police officer. His service yielded him three crown court recommendations and one chief constable’s commendation.

Following his 2014 resignation, Steve worked across the world. First as an adviser to the south Australia CIB – the National Australian Criminal Investigation Bureau.

He’s served as a consultant project manager in Libya and worked on reforming the Somali national police force. 

Catching a Serial Killer

2017 saw the publication of Steve’s book Catching a Serial Killer.

This best seller allowed Steve to tell the story of the Halliwell case in his own words. Two years later, ‘A Confession’, a six-part ITV drama starring Martin Freeman aired on TV. Steve was an executive co-producer.

Steve holds a Masters’ degree from Cambridge University in Criminology. He’s led over 50 major and serious crime cases and critical incidents. Many being high profile, high risk, time-critical and involved managing organisational reputation.

Mike spent 30 years within Wiltshire police and he retire d in 2014 as a Detective Inspector. Mike went on to set up his own business. 

Where to find out more:

To find out more about Mike and Steve/or to follow them go to: https://www.facebook.com/M.R.PCC.W or https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Fulcher-With-Mike-Rees-Independent-Candidate-for-Wiltshire-PCC-103847388346398

Twitter https://twitter.com/Steve_Fulcher_ or @MikeRees_PCCW or go to Mike’s website http://www.mrpcc.co.uk/

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