Ntegra Support for Swindon’s Young People
Innovative technology company Ntegra have partnered with the youth enterprise The Platform Project. The aim being to support more young people into work during 2021. 

Ntegra Support for Swindon's Young People - Andy Langley, CEO of Ntegra who is also now on the Board of Swindon’s The Platform Project.
Andy Langley, CEO of Ntegra who is also now on the Board of Swindon’s The Platform Project. Picture taken by Joel Langley of Joel Langley Photography

The company, based in The Workshed in Swindon, have come alongside The Platform Project. The latter supports young people, aged 13 to 21. In the main those who are struggling to find their way into a career, in mainstream education or those whom lockdown and the effects of Covid19 have disadvantaged.

Andy Langley, CEO of Ntegra, said: “We are a heart-centred business with a growing team and we work with globally-recognised brands. But in all that we do we never forget the people behind every company. In 2021, we have pledged to support a project in our own community of Swindon to give back. The Platform Project is an ideal partner for us. 

The Platform project supports and champions a wide range of needs:

  • Those who’ve struggled at school
  • Or those with difficult family circumstances or come from low income families ..
  • … or those how face challenges around disability.

And this is a fantastic opportunity for us and our team to support them.

The next few months of Ntegra Support for Swindon’s Young People

Over the coming months, Ntegra will develop the IT infrastructure for The Platform Project. Andy Langley has become a Board member. And Ntegra staff will also volunteer at the project to help mentor young people with an interest in IT and technology. 

Sadie Sharp, founder of The Platform Project, said: “We are so fortunate to have Ntegra as our corporate partner this year. Andy’s expertise on the Board has already proved to be invaluable. His team’s knowledge will enable us to operate smartly with a fit-for-the-future IT infrastructure. Then,when we can, we will welcome members of the Ntegra team to the project to support our young people face to face.”


Ntegra has been a technology gem in the Swindon business community for 18 years.

Created in 2003 by freelance IT consultants Andy Jefferies and Bill Hart, the company has worked with big brands including Vodafone, Waitrose and WPP.

The team are now more than 40 strong in Swindon itself with specialist IT associates worldwide. For more information visit

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