January 2020

Trio of entrepreneurs see businesses expand through Covid

From left to right: Pam Jones, Yola O'Hara, Reshma Field - Trio of entrepreneurs expand businesses through Covid
From left to right: Pam Jones, Yola O’Hara, Reshma Field

Trio of entrepreneurs expand businesses through Covid

Three entrepreneurs who jumped to support each other when the pandemic struck have all gone on to grow their enterprises.

Yola O’Hara, of Visually Explained, Pam Jones, of Eight Interactive, and Reshma Field, who runs separate will writing and personal styling businesses, banded together in March last year vowing to support each other through the first lockdown.

The moral support, encouragement and business advice they shared helped all three to push their organisations forward.

Online is the new offline

All based in Wiltshire, the businesswomen moved services online and even each launched a new website.

Visually Explained is a social business consultancy in Royal Wootton Basset specialising in social media for business. It underwent a rebrand and unveiled new services, including a corporate consultancy.

Eight Interactive in Swindon, creators of video and digital content for businesses, developed a new website, and took video training online. While Reshma, also based in Swindon, has a new website for her styling business, Ishbel’s Wardrobe. She now offers her services – colour analysis, styling and personal shopping – online.

True Grit

When we went into the first lockdown in March, my first feelings were that this was NOT going to break me. I felt determined to stay positive and embrace the change, deciding to do extensive networking,” said Yola. “We went into lockdown on Friday, I started networking on the Monday and within two weeks had a new client from it.”

Coupled with the online networking, Yola said the support she received from Pam and Reshma was invaluable.

‘We were friends anyway. So we set up a What’s App group and met on Zoom on a regular basis. That gave us the chance to talk through how were feeling. And have a good moan if we wanted to – as well as support and advise each other on our businesses,’ said Yola.

‘For me, it made me feel less isolated. The three of us getting together, having a similar outlook, facing the same issues, and helping pick each other up, was so important.’

They already used one another’s services. Yola and Pam have both undergone Reshma’s style services. Yola has taken Pam’s video training course and Pam has used Yola’s social media library creation service. In fact, Yola has now appointed another member of the VE team – Reshma’s daughter Sofia!

Further, Yola has set up a new enterprise. She’s collaborating with David Lattimer, of Redro, to stage an online expo – 5554 Virtual Expo. That’s planned for February 25.

Pam agreed that the support has helped keep her focused.

Lockdown induced tailspin

When lockdown first kicked off it was all a bit ‘OMG, what’s happening?’ So the three of us, as we are friends, decided to have a regular catchup and it grew from there,” she said. “We wanted to support each other and keep in touch. We talk about business stuff, family stuff – how we are coping. It was fab having that place to talk to someone other than the people that you live with, in a safe, confidential environment. And knowing there are others in the same boat.’

Reshma added: ‘We are all very similar, so when one person says something the other two know exactly what she means. And we know that any solution one of us uses, will work for us all. We’re all very driven and self-motivated, and we’re in tune with one another.’

Find out more

For more information about Visually Explained (VE) and social business (or social media for business), as well as the outsourcing, training, audit and content creation services, visit https://visuallyexplained.co.uk/

Call 01793 967317 or email yoh@visuallyexplained.co.uk.

To register for 5554 Virtual Expo, visit https://www.accelevents.com/e/5554Expo

For more information about Ishbel’s Wardrobe visit https://ishbelswardrobe.co.uk/

Find Eight Interactive at https://www.eight-interactive.com/


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