Wiltshire strategic marketing consultancy gets new director in the form of Venkat Vaidyanathan.

Stuart Ball founded Absolute Management & Marketing (AM&M) in 2018. There he uses his 25 years plus experience in strategic corporate product marketing and applies it to his SME clients.

Now Stuart is being joined on the Board by Venkat Vaidyanathan, whose experience complements Stuart’s. Both have an extensive background in B2B, but within different sectors.

“I’ve worked with Venkat in the past. And when we both left the corporate world, we decided that when the time was right we would work together again,” said Stuart. “For AM&M, after getting through Covid and looking at how to adapt and grow the business, the time is definitely right!”

Stuart has a long career in strategic corporate product marketing for such industrial sectors as oil and gas, fire and security, and defence.

Wiltshire strategic marketing consultancy gets new director - Stuart Ball
Stuart Ball

Light bulb moment

Stuart had his lightbulb moment while working away in the States. Within months he’d left his corporate career and established AM&M, based in Royal Wootton Bassett.

‘My goal with AM&M was to use all the tools, processes and skills that big multinationals take for granted and apply them to small companies,’ said Stuart.

‘We look at how a business can grow by moving into new markets, or extending its reach into existing markets. We also look at pricing strategy, and how setting higher prices or using price to drive volume can increase the profit margin. On the product side, it’s all about management of current products and bringing new products to market.” Stuart set out filled with determination that AM&M would not only create strategies but follow up with implementation.

He said: ‘In the corporate world, larger consulting firms will come up with a result from a consultation. Or the answer if you like and then leave it to the company to put it in place. With AM&M, we focus on the execution of our advice as well as the advice.’

Wiltshire strategic marketing consultancy gets new director - Venkat Vaidyanathan

Venkat Vaidyanathan

Venkat Vaidyanathan

The arrival of Venkat increases the depth of knowledge of the AM&M team. While Stuart’s background is industrial, Venkat’s expertise crosses a range of sectors, including healthcare, technology and facilities services. He has spent more than 15 years as a pricing leader, managing pricing teams globally. For the last five years, he’s held interim and consultancy roles. And he specialises in strategic marketing and data driven decision-making.

Venkat said: “I only work with people whom I trust and I have a lot of trust in Stuart. He brings great experience and we have a lot of complementary skills. We think differently which is always a good thing, so we can bring different perspectives to our work. I am very much looking forward to us working together again.

“I’m based in Buckinghamshire and Stuart’s in Wiltshire. So we cover a wider area, taking in Berkshire and Oxfordshire and the M4 corridor. But of course we can work with businesses wherever they are.’

Digital transformation is the next area of focus for AM&M’s strategic support for SMEs.  This will be the adoption of everything from ecommerce to social media and digital marketing, through to data visualisation.

Find out more

For more information about Absolute Management & Marketing visit https://ammconsulting.co.uk/

Or email stuart.ball@ammconsulting.co.uk or call 01793 987405.

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