8th December 2020

Developer says “bonjour” to new website translation service

Developer launches-website-translation-service
A leading website developer has launched a new service to translate sites into French. And he’s started with its own! Thus we have Developer’s ‘bonjour’ to website translation service!

Swindon-based DMJ Computer Services, specialists in creating, hosting and caring for WordPress site, has launched a French version.

They’ve aimed their translation service at businesses trading in France. It’s particularly targeted at the thousands of British people who own and rent out properties in France who have French nationals among their customers.

Developer launches website translation service - martin jarvis
Martin Jarvis MD of DMJ Computing

Untapped Market

Martin Jarvis, MD of DMJ Computer Services says business owners are missing out on a huge, untapped market by not having a French version of their website. Thus he’s launched his website translation service.

“At least 150,000 Brits own a property in France. A large number of these will rent their properties out to French holidaymakers. More so now, thanks to Coronavirus. That means French people are holidaying in France. And yet few of these holiday-home owners have French versions of their websites. It makes absolute sense to have a French version, so Google searches will find it’ said Martin.

“Our translation service isn’t only for holiday property owners. It’s for any businesses with products or services they can sell to a French audience. Not having a French version of a website is a lost opportunity for English business owners in France and those who trade in France.”

DMJ’s translation service is being headed by Martin’s wife and colleague, Nadine, who is a native French speaker. Thus the website text gets expert translation, rather than relying on Google Translate.

Martin added: “Google Translate uses machine learning technology to offer a pretty accurate translation. But it isn’t perfect and still requires the potential visitor to find the website in the first place. This is where all the backend/SEO work comes in and, of course, the wording for this needs creating in French too.”


DMJ Computer Services already has dozens of overseas clients. And its newly translated website is increasing website traffic from France.

Martin has written a blog post with hints and tips about translating a website, and the benefits of doing so.

For more information about DMJ Computer Services, visit https://dmjcomputerservices.com/ Or email martinj@dmjcomputerservices.com, or call 01793 740964.

To visit the French version, go to https://dmjcomputerservices.com/fr/.

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