15 November 2020

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Swindon Equality Coalition Gets the Conversation Going.
How? By marking this year’s International Day of Tolerance with a new public engagement programme.

From their website:

‘The United Nations is committed to strengthening tolerance by fostering mutual understanding among cultures and peoples … ‘

Swindon Equality – Let’s Talk

Under the banner ‘Swindon Equality – Let’s Talk‘, the coalition wants to reach into the town’s diverse communities. The aim is to provoke discussion and ideas about equality, inclusion and discrimination.

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation and have their say through one of several channels:

1. Email
2. By post
3. Via Facebook
4. Instagram
5. Twitter and ..
6. … old school telephone call.

‘Swindon is a wonderful, diverse town” says coalition chair Michelle Howard. “We want to hear about the positives in the town and about progress and great examples. It’s important too that we hear about what needs to improve.’

Swindon Equality Coalition - poster about Swindon equality

A decade long initiative

The Swindon Equality Coalition, along with the Equality Act, celebrates its 10th birthday this year.
The coalition came into being to support that act.

‘The coalition brings together people and voices from across Swindon’s diverse communities’, says Pam Webb, CEO at VAS.

“During these unprecedented times, it’s extra important to celebrate diversity and address inequality. That way, we’ll ensure that everyone in Swindon has an equal voice and access to support.’

“A simple email to equality@vas-swindon.org is enough to become a member or find out more” she added.

Swindon Equality Coalition

Having your say and getting in touch

Get in touch with the coalition or have your say via one of these channels:

Email: equality@vas-swindon.org
Post: SEC C/o 1 John Street, Swindon SN1 1RT
Twitter @SNequality #SwindonEquality
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/swindonequality
Phone: 07912 487608

To see related information then visit the website of Voluntary Action Swindon.

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