Introducing Chelle White who is ‘Doing It For Dan’


Keen runner is Doing it for Dan.

Known by everyone as Chelle, Michelle White is in training for a gruelling 48 hour challenge to run more than 251 miles on a treadmill. The aim? To raise £4,800 for charity. 

The 48-year-old, who lives with her family in North Swindon, set herself this personal challenge after getting the running bug a mere five years ago. She started running after losing her mum Linda to lung cancer and wanting to do something in her memory. 

I did Race For Life after mum passed away and that was it. Since then I’ve run thousands of miles from 10k runs to half marathons to marathons. I did the London Marathon last year in 3 hours 43 minutes. I’m classed in the top five per cent of runners for my age group. I also did this year’s virtual London Marathon running to Bromley and back, completing it in 3 hours and 24 minutes.”

On Friday November 20, Chelle will start running on a treadmill at the premises of Any Time Fitness in Old Town – one of her sponsors. She’ll attempt to win a Guinness World Record for miles run on a treadmill in 48 hours. This currently stands at 200 miles for women and 251 for men. Chelle wants to beat both records. 

About Doing it for Dan

Doing It For Dan is a charity created in memory of Daniel Climance. He died, aged 11 after, in a road traffic collision in Purton while cycling.

His parents set up the charity. It provides grants to individuals, teams and organisations around Swindon and Wiltshire that give young people the chance to take part in sport. Dan was sports mad himself, particularly when it came to football and martial arts. 

His mum Helen said: “We’re thrilled Chelle has offered to do this and support Doing It For Dan. We’ll use any money she raises to support young people in taking part in sporting activities. Something that was so important to my son and also to his wellbeing. To be able to help others engage in sporting activities is wonderful.” 

Runner is doing it for Dan - Michelle White
Training before the challenge with Mike Land from Nickel Design and friend Helen Hancock as well as hubsand Matthew White supporting her all the way.
Chelle is rasing money for local charity, Doing It For Dan.
Photos taken by Barbara Leatham Photography on October 19th in Old Town Swindon. Thanks to Anytime Fitness in Swindon for access to where Chelle will be doing her challenge.

Dedication to running

Chelle’s dedication to running is even more inspiring because she suffers from an incurable auto immune condition, rheumatoid arthritis. Her condition which causes joints to swell and become very painful. They can become permanently distorted. After her diagnosis, Chelle was put on strong drugs. Yet she found her quality of life was poor with constant sickness and exhaustion.

“I have RA, it doesn’t define me,” Chelle said. “I decided I don’t want to take drugs which make me feel terrible, I want to live my best life. Now I take painkillers only when necessary, I exercise and I have recently adopted a vegan diet. That hasn’t been easy but it’s made a world of difference.

Since training for the event I’ve lost two stones, when I didn’t have two stones to lose and this shows the real toil of training. I couldn’t be more serious about this endeavour.

To support Chelle’s efforts – runner doing it for Dan


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