10th October 2020

The Elim Medi Heel Callous Peel is Perfection

Well listeners – what a delightful experience I’ve enjoyed today with Pavlina at the Perfection Hair Salon in Moredon. My feet have been the happy recipient of an Elim medi heel callous peel. If you’re wondering what one of those is – wonder no more.

I’m familiar with the concept of peeling as a face treatment though always thought it sounded rather … aggressive and unpleasant. Well, if the feet treatment is anything to judge by I’ve laboured under a misapprehension all these years. Because this was delightful – my feet feel as light as air. Who knew hard skin could make one’s feet feel so heavy?

I so enjoyed having Pavlina do this procedure on my feet and I’m delighted to add this blog to the Swindon in Business section for sure!

About the medi heel callous peel

This process then is a new-ish pedicure treatment. One that melts that hard skin away rather than attacking it with blades. The latter of those actually puts the skin on the foot into trauma and makes it produce more hard skin. Quite the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve – which is an interesting thought is it not? Who knew? Well – not me that’s for sure.

What’s involved?

I’m not going to describe the full process here. Aside from the fact that it would take too long, you can read the whole process in this blog from the beautibank all about the mediheel skin peel.
I WILL though quote their verdict on this pedicure:

‘This pedicure is a winner in every sense of the word. It’s different, it’s innovative and most of all…it works!’

And it does! I’ll post some photographs lower down to show you the difference my treatment made.

I loved the whole thing – but then I do LOVE a treatment. Not that I have very many. This was such a treat.

So do I recommend Pavlina and this magical foot peel? Yes! I do!

Even at the full price of £39 I think it’s good value for money. A great result and you get your nails painted too. What’s not to love? Well – the bus journey for me …. But that niggle aside – this was fab.

So if you’re plagued with nasty hard skin on your feet then speed over there! I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

Elim Medi Heel Callous Peel - getting my nails painted
Getting my nails painted as part of the pedicure session

Other stuff you need to know

Pavlina, who did the pedicure, is a mobile shellac nail technician – I’ll post her number at the end. She’s done appropriate and compulsory training to offer the Elim Medi heel callous peel at the Perfection salon.

NB: She is there on Saturday’s only.

The session takes about an hour in total – that’s including all the usual pedicure elements including gorgeous nail painting – see the picture above.

Pavlina is currently the first in Swindon to offer this service and she’s running an introductory price of £29 until the end of October. After that it goes up to £39.00

Before and after pictures

Below are pictures of my feet taken before and after the chemical peel.

These feet are not neglected feet. I apply industrial quantities of heavy-duty moisturizer and take the foot file to them. They’re not like horses hooves but yet, on my left foot in particular (the foot we’re seeing here), there’s always a build up of hard skin. The ball of the foot being the worst offender.

I trust the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is clear enough? The picture on the right shoes the dead skin removed from my foot. Yuk.

Elim Medi Heel Callous Peel - during the process
During the procedure
Elim Medi Heel Callous Peel

A few photos of the Perfection Salon

I liked the decor in this place – I loved the big green chairs with brass trim in particular. Very swish!

To contact Pavlina

You can get hold of Pavlina on: 07908 071579.

She’s at the Perfection Salon on Saturday’s ONLY. The rest of the time she is mobile but for nails only.

The medi peel treatment is on special offer at the moment for £29. Offer ends end of October 2020.

Find Pavlina’s own Facebook page for her Nail’d It mobile nail business here.

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