9th October 2020

Now the news that CityFibre chooses Swindon isn’t what you’d call new news. Indeed, I doubt very much it’s news to anyone but me. But I’ve recently joined Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce as part of my earning-a-crust-activities. And at one of the recent online meetings I met Neil Madle, a city manager with CityFibre. So I’ve heard about them now!

Who and what are CityFibre?

CityFibre chooses swindon
CityFibre Chooses Swindon

From their website:

CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities.

With network projects in over 60 cities and construction underway to reach up to 8 million homes, CityFibre is future-proofing the UK.

CityFibre Making Swindon a Gigabit City

As befits an historic hub for new technology and a centre of excellence for mobile telecommunications research and development, Swindon will soon have a full fibre network to rival anywhere in the world.

A £40 million investment upgrading Swindon’s broadband infrastructure over the next three years will see CityFibre offer gigabit broadband speeds to businesses, homes and public assets throughout the town. They’ll also provide the necessary physical infrastructure to support introduction of 5G mobile services to Swindon. 

It’s CityFibre’s avowed intention is to meet the bandwidth needs of Swindon’s business community and residents both now and for decades to come. 

It sounds good to me. With so many people working from home at the moment thanks to Covid and for the foreseeable future.

CityFibre Chooses Swindon

CityFibre Chooses Swindon - woman working from laptop at home.

Said David Renard – Leader of SBC:

It’s fantastic that CityFibre is now ready to start delivering on its construction programme. It will help Swindon provide a future-proofed, full fibre digital infrastructure. One that will bring many benefits to residents and businesses alike. And thus allow our economy to grow and prosper well into the next generation and beyond.

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