Swindon Entrepreneur and Author Sadie Sharp named as finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

August 2020

Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020

Swindon based entrepreneur and author Sadie Sharp is a regional finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020. In the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category. 

These regional awards support, connect and encourage entrepreneurial minds in the UK.  They’ve become well known in the business calendar.

The regional, virtual, awards ceremony is on Wednesday September 23. And, if Sadie wins, she’ll go forward for the national title. 

Sadie Sharp

Swindon Entrepreneur finalist in Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020 - Sadie Sharp

Sadie is the founder of The Platform Project CIC (community interest company) which runs from an office in the Dorcan area of Swindon. The project helps young people develop entrepreneurial skills through real-life youth led businesses and projects. Often these young people will not have thrived within mainstream education. So learning how to work for themselves broadens their life options as well as developing differentiated employability skills.

Sadie said: “It surprised me that I’d made the shorlist for one of these prestigious awards. And to be one of a mere four finalists in the region is astonishing. For me, helping young people achieve is a passion and purpose I feel born for – it’s what I do. To receive this recognition is amazing and reminds me how special what we are creating is.

“Young people have so much to give. Yet many never reach their full potential. Sometimes this is becuase they haven’t found a way to fit into the education and employment options put in front of them. It’s my firm belief that ‘not fitting the mould’ presents potential, not a problem. And it’s my job to find a pathway that fits who they are, what they’re interested in, and what they could actually achieve if they can craft their own pathway. The aim of the Platform Project is to show success comes in so many forms and they have choices over how they want their life to look.”

A product of the project

Lucas Gleed is one of the young people from Swindon that the project has supported. He said: “I started out as a participant in the project’s youth magazine. Then, after three months the project offered me an apprenticeship in digital marketing. Now I’m coming to the end of my apprenticeship. Sadie has also helped me set up my own social media marketing business where I’ll advise small businesses as a freelancer. I’ve seen firsthand what the project can do for young people like me.

“Without the project,  I wouldn’t have learnt the skills to earn self-employed income or be the confident person I am today. The academic part of school was difficult for me. I struggled with it and felt disadvantaged by that.

The Platform Project

Said Lucas, ‘The Platform Project has opened up an exciting opportunity where I’ve learnt so many new skills. What’s more I’ve gained valuable youth enterprise and self-employment experience. Not many young people my age get such a chance.’

The Platform Project, created by Sadie four years ago, is a not-for-profit youth scheme. It supports the development of young people’s confidence and employability skills through a range of youth led businesses and enterprise activities. It’s quadrupled in size each year since starting. It now also assists schools and local authorities to target groups of young people learn enterprise skills. 

The project supports around sixty young people each year to either to get into work or start up their own business or side hustle. It’s about to expand into two new towns. 

To find out more about The Platform project visit: www.platformproject.co.uk

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