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AS PARENTS prepare for their children to return to school parent, here’s some helpful back-to-school advice from Revolution Performing Arts owner, Fiona Da Silva Adams. She shares her top tips for getting back into a school routine. 

Fiona (known as Fi) runs Revolution Performing Arts, which offers after school clubs and classes across Swindon offering drama, dance and singing for children of all abilities. The ethos of RPA is one of inclusion. 

Back to School Advice from Revolution Performing Arts Owner - Fiona Da Silva Adams
Fiona Da Silva-Adams owner of Revolution Performing Arts based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Fiona (known as Fi) runs Revolution Performing Arts, which offers after school clubs and classes across Swindon offering drama, dance and singing for children of all abilities. The ethos of RPA is one of inclusion. 

“I’m a parent to two children myself,” Fi said. “Although many children are looking forward to going back to school, some may not be and some may worry about what school is now going to look and feel like. It’s my belief that, as parents ,we can support them around this new ‘unknown’.”

Looking forwards

It’s important we start thinking about the future. Our children are living through the same challenges we have. Life isn’t going to return to what it was. Yet with the opening of schools, parents and children alike need to try and get back some structure.

These tips might help some parents to prepare their children for this change,” Fi said. 

Fiona’s Top Tips

Sleep Routine – If your child has been sleeping in or establishing a nocturnal lifestyle it’s time to start restoring a regular sleep pattern.  Start by encouraging them to go to sleep half an hour earlier until they’re into a new healthier sleep pattern.  Returning to school will bring its own challenges – sleep deprivation will make the perspective that more enduring.  It’s proven that a regular sleep pattern is good for your mental health. So it’ll be a great start to the new academic year.

Anxiety/Social Interaction – school will look and feel different and some children may be anxious about this.   There may be one way systems in school, children may not be able to get physically close to teachers and adults may be wearing masks.  Children may even worry about hugging their friends.

Speak to the school and find out what school will now look like.  Depending on the age of your child a Worry Monster can be perfect for ‘eating up’ worries or check out the book “The Huge Bag of Worries” by Virginia Ironside. Both are fantastic as a starting point to ease anxieties in children.  

If your child’s a little older, plan a ‘Yes Day’ with one parent/carer, if you can manage it.  This involves you saying yes to everything for a day.  Most young people understand there are financial restrictions to this – no, a new X Box is not part of a ‘yes’ day. You’ll find that most simply want you to share your time and their experiences and favourite hobbies. It’s a  perfect opportunity for a child to open up about any worries while they have your undivided attention. 

Practicalities – Check out that school uniform and shoes as some stocks can get quite low and your child won’t need that extra stress. In particular as they have to be ‘the right shape’ trousers or ‘the correct shade of grey’!  

Getting there – Did you book the school bus?  Are there rules about social distancing on the bus? Is your child aware of them?  Do they need to wear a mask on the bus?


If they have to wear a mask, treat them to one they’ve chosen – from their favourite band or matching head wear – as long as school allows it. Or, if you drive, there are loads of road works currently planned for Swindon.  Make sure you are ready and prepared to take an alternative route or allow extra time.  Your stress levels will thank you for it!

And finally!

Celebrate and re-connect – Finally, no matter how the first days go, celebrate with your child and plan a treat with the family! They did it!  They got through the first day and survived!  You can all breathe a sigh of relief.  

Revolution Performing Arts

Revolution Performing Arts was set up in September 2007. Although Fi has more than 20 years’ experience as a qualified performance artist with a BA Hons in Performing Arts. She is a mum to two children, Zavier, aged 17 and Angel aged 14. 

Fi set the group up in the first instance as Drama Babes (drama for toddlers and preschoolers) in September 2007. A year later the demand was so great the business moved on to offer sessions for primary school age children and Drama Babes was then sold on.  The emphasis for RPA is on fun, confidence building, boosting self esteem and developing individual potential. 

Today Revolution Performing Arts supports 100s of children across Swindon to enjoy the arts and express and embrace who they are and what makes them different. To find out more visit:

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