Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide

Book Launch Swindonian Guide Book

When: Saturday 8th August
Where: The Museum of Computing in Theatre Square
Time: 12 midday to 2pm

NOTE: the Museum of Computing is closed to the public (due to Coronavirus restrictions) but I, Angela, will be there, with a live Zoom broadcast. And maybe a Facebook live.

The Zoom event will offer an opportunity for interviews and Q&As and will incorporate poetry, music and more.

Find the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/287761662305186/

NB: if you’re not on Facebook but would like to join the Zoom event, email me on: aaedits56@gmail.com so I can send you the link.

Book cover with bookmarks and keyrings

Swindon author publishes new guide to her adoptive town 

Angela Atkinson holding copy of book - Book Launch Swindonian Guide Book

A Swindon author who published her first book a mere two years ago, is launching a fourth – and it’s the one she’s always wanted to write.

Angela Atkinson, who pens the popular blog Born Again Swindonian, is passionate about the town. And her fourth book is a further tribute to her adoptive home. She’s holding an official launch on Saturday August 8, from the town’s Museum of Computing. The event is part online and part face-to-face, to allow for lockdown restrictions.

Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide uses the tagline #LookdownLookaroundLookup

It acts as a guidebook, encouraging readers to get out and about to explore some of the town’s treasures.

To help them do that, Angela has filled the book with urban exploration trails. Some of them pre-existing and some that she’s created, including a couple of quiz trails for children to do with their parents. Though she hasn’t forgotten green spaces and nature reserves!

It features some Born Again Swindonian blogs, some new chapters, and even an imagined guide book entry Angela wrote about the Magic Roundabout while studying for her English degree.

Derbyshire-born Angela’s previous publications, best-sellers among Swindonians, are:

  1. Secret Swindon
  2. Swindon in 50 Buildings
  3. and a retrospective on Swindon-born artist Ken White

What’s different about this book?

“The difference between this and the other Swindon books, is this one is for getting out and about with, while the others were to sit and read,” said Angela. “It’s the one I have always wanted to write, ever since I started the Born Again Swindonian blog. It’s curious, that something I conceived some years ago has now become very timely thanks to pandemic keeping people at home. Never was the word ‘Staycation’ on so many people’s lips.”

“So many people say Swindon is ugly, but that is a little word carrying so much meaning.

My friend and poet Carole Bent once wrote about the glitter in the concrete and the sparkle in the cement as a metaphor for life. Yet it is so true of Swindon. It’s got a rich history, and many wonderful buildings, walks, and works of art. And I’d love people to discover these.”

Swindon: A Born Again Swindonian’s Guide features hand-drawn maps by the artist Marilyn Trew to illustrate the trails. These include the West Swindon sculpture trail – one of Angela’s early discoveries – before she’d even heard the term public art!

Business, blog and books

When not writing Born Again Swindonian and books, Angela runs a proofreading, copywriting and editing business, AA Editorial Services. Angela founded the business after graduating with a First in Joint English Hons from the University of the West of England. She also attained a First for the travel writing module which kickstarted her blog.

She said: “I told my tutor wanted to do the travel writing module but I didn’t travel anywhere – I don’t even drive. He said the last thing he wanted was another account of a gap year Thailand, and asked me to write about what I saw. So I did, hence the first blog on The Magic Roundabout.”

Free gifts!

Angela will signing copies and there’ll also be some exclusive giveaways, including Sinclair C5 3D printed keyrings and bookmarks. All on a first-come-first served basis.

The book costs £9.95, and the first 30 purchased on the launch day will contain a limited edition postcard by Swindon artist Dona Bradley. There’s a competition attached to this – details below.

For information on the book, published by Hobnob Press, visit Angela’s Born again Swindonian blog at https://swindonian.me/born-again-swindonians-guide-book/

Competition details for Book Launch Swindonian Guide Book

Underside of dona bradley postcard

The above image is the underside of a postcard by Dona Bradley. The first 20 of the books to go out at the launch will have one inside. The front of the postcard shows 9 Swindon landmarks.

This is where you need to be quick on the draw with your camera.

The first ADULT and the first under-16 to send me photographs of ALL 9 landmarks depicted on the postcard, in one go, gets a prize!

I’m not judging photographic quality – it’s merely about being quick off the draw.

You can send the images to me via DM to my Born again Swindonian page: https://www.facebook.com/BornAgainSwindonian/

And from there I can make arrangements to get your prize to you – part of which is a voucher to spend in the library shop in the central library.

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