June 2020

Despite the fact that I’m less than fond of cooking, I don’t spend a lot of dosh on takeaways/brought in meals. Not as a rule. But with the Covid-19 lockdown situation curtailing any socialising, I’ve treated myself here and there. So, when the opportunity arose to try this Swindon super salad company I jumped at the chance.

As the leaflet above explains, Super Salad is a family run, Swindon-based company. This is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/supersaladswindon/

Their fledgeling website is here: https://super-salad.co.uk

What is Super Salad? Super Salad is a small new company that has created what might just be the healthiest single serving meal in the world. It’s a bold statement but with our salad consisting of between 50 and 65 different ingredients and 25+ Superfoods we believe this just might be true.

Swindon Super Salad - eden salad

If you want something at home – and don’t feel like cooking – but want to be healthy these are definitely worth considering.

The two salads I ate were chock full of different ingredients – all finely chopped. It would have taken me hours to create something like that. It takes me all day to make a bloody quiche – snipping bacon and chopping onions and garlic. Pfft.

You can get an idea, from the image of the leaflet above, of the range that the company offers.

Talking of garlic, I topped both of the salads that I tried with garlic in olive oil, cubes of feta and a few vine ripened chopped tomatoes. And with that, each one was surprisingly filling! This is an important point – I do have quite an appetite (this why I’m not a size 10) so filling me up can be a challenge.

If I’m honest, I found the two that I had a bit on the bland side. That could be my palate – what with me being addicted to chilli olive oil. But anyway, that’s a minor negative soon sorted with a sprinkling of that Himalayan pink salt stuff – it doesn’t half give food a lift does that.

So what you get here is something that’s refreshing and filling. Uber nutritious and full of fibre. I think if you’re trying to lose weight but don’t want to forgo a takeaway treat, these salads are a good option and good value for money.

Dessert Salad

Swindon Super Salad also do a home-delivery fruit salad with which to finish off your super healthy meal.

I tend not to eat much fruit. I don’t personally consider fruit to be food for a start. And aside from that it mostly makes me fart and smell like dead people. Or so my daughter tells me.

However, eaten together with a piece of lemon drizzle cake brought to me by a friend, it was most enjoyable. Though I suppose the cake rather negated all the other healthfullness. Oh dear. How sad. It was was good though!

Swindon Super Salad fruit salad

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