April 2020

Having written 5 Swindon books to Read Now a few weeks back, here we have 5 More Swindon books.

I could go on almost ad infinitum with this as there are many Swindon books! But I’ll keep it to these two posts. But with a ‘See Also’ at the bottom of this one.

So, as with the first post, in no particular order here we go with 5 More Swindon Books worthy of your attention. Both during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

5 More Swindon Books - Richard Wintle, One Hundred views of swindon, Legacy of a rag and bone man and Struggle and suffrage in Swindon
5 More Swindon Books

1. A picture is only the start of the story – Richard Wintle

Richard Wintle: Photographing Swindon's History - front cover of Richard's book - A picture is only the start of the story - Richard Wintle

This one is, I believe, the newest addition to Swindon’s very own literary canon. It’s super.

As you’d expect for a press photographer, Richard has a VAST archive of photographs. And he’s put some of them into a book: A Picture Is Only the Start of The Story

Read more about Richard’s book here.

2. Struggle and Suffrage in Swindon – Frances Bevan

Struggle and Suffrage in Swindon - Frances Bevan - cover of book

Published by Pen & Sword Books, this is a lovely book.

What’s so fab about it is that it celebrates the ordinary women as well as Swindon’s ‘names’ – such as Diana Dors and Edith New.

From the Brown’s Books for Students website:

Following the incorporation of Old and New Swindon in 1900 innovative women stepped up to the plate; women like Swindon born suffragette Edith New who challenged political conventions and Emma Noble, Swindon’s first female councillor, who campaigned to improve living conditions in the town.

During two world wars Swindon women worked in the railway factory in jobs once considered beyond their strength and endurance …

… The story of Swindon women includes artists and actresses, political activists and social reformers and the ordinary women who worked in the factories, raised their children and made a difference.

3. One Hundred Views of Swindon – Tim Carroll

This collection of Tim Carroll’s 100 Views of Swindon is a joy.

Fear not if you lack wall space to display all your favourite Swindon views. For they’re all here in this delightful little book.

4. Legacy of a Rag and Bone Man – Eastcott Community – wrote, designed and co-researched by Kate Parsons.

Book cover - legacy of a rag and bone man

For too many years James ‘Raggy’ Powell was an unsung Swindon hero. But then the amazing people at Eastcott Community Hall on Savernake Street set about celebrating him.

And one of the things they did was to produce this gorgeous little book: Legacy of a Rag and Bone Man.

And now there’s a plaque on the community hall to celebrate him.

5. The Woman in the Golden Dress – Nicola Cornick

Book cover - the woman in the Golden Dress by Nicola Cornick

A bit of a departure here in that, all the other books covered, in both posts, are non-fiction. Here though we have fiction.

When not writing, Nicola Cornick sits on the board of Trustees of the Friends of Lydiard Park (Swindon).

Previously published as The Woman in the Lake, the novel’s plot is set in the dual timelines of present day Swindon and Georgian London. It revolves around three women and an evil gorgeous golden gown. Lady Isabella Gerard has a love-hate relationship with a stunning new gown, an unexpected gift by her unloving, abusive husband.

And the ‘See Alsos’but not also rans!

Like I said at the top of this post, there’s an awful lot of wonderful output BY Swindonians about so many aspects of Swindon and Swindon life.

So what follows is a very few more not covered in this and the previous post. Not because they’re not worthy – they absolutely are.

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