Online club helps businesses weather pandemic

Cobra Club Covid Support for businesses in Swindon and beyond to get them through the current pandemic crisis and out the other side.

There’s a new online club helping business owners weather pandemic by helping them to:
a. Navigate the lockdown
b. come out the other side with stronger enterprises

The brainchild of Andrew Hatcher, founder of Swindon Consultants, this online club helping businesses weather the pandemic is his response to it.

Operating on a subscription basis, the Cobra Club is online and offers a place to meet and network. It also offers access free support and advice from the other members.

Keeping people connected and business flowing

Online club helping businesses weather pandemic  - screenshot of cobra club zoom mtg

“The Cobra Club is my answer to helping everyone keep connected and keep business flowing during the pandemic crisis,” said Andrew. “I wanted to create an online community where people can access new opportunities in the digital world, learn new skills and support each other.”


The Cobra Club hosts daily events, including expert slots and workshops covering everything from HR and PR, to social media and wellbeing.

Andrew himself hosts a daily business strategy hour, and Ed Williamson, from the Federation of Small Businesses, is also on hand to give support. Members can meet for one-to-ones, host their own digital events and refer business opportunities to each other. They can drop in and out at any time on weekdays, from 10am to 5pm.

The Cobra Club gives all its members access to advice from specialists across a range of sectors,” added Andrew. “The members benefit from peer support and can take part in live business and social events. The club also offers a safe networking space and a way of combating isolation. I’m delighted to say that business is already taking place, with people referring opportunities to each other. It is proof that everything doesn’t have to stop just because we can’t currently meet face-to-face.”

What it costs to join Andrew’s online Cobra Club Covid Support

Subscription for the Cobra Club is £10 per month, with a seven day free trial.

Members are joining from Swindon, Royal Wootton Bassett and beyond, including Gloucestershire, Salisbury. Even as far afield as Hertfordshire.

New members are joining almost daily. For more information, visit

Online club helping businesses weather pandemic  - Andrew Hatcher

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