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Mental Health Expert Offers Lockdown Support.

Swindon life coach and master hypnotherapist Linda Clarke is offering a series of webinars to help people build mental resilience during Covid19.

Her first event takes place online tomorrow (Wednesday April 22) between 10am and 11.30 am and is fully booked.

Said Linda: “During lockdown, stress and anxiety can become overwhelming for some people. This does not mean they are suffering from mental ill health. It simply means that this period of restriction on our normal freedoms can cause them to become stuck or very low. 

Series of webinars planned

“I intend to hold a series of webinars – the first one is free of charge – to help people cope in the most unusual of times.

There are practical strategies that anyone can use to reduce and manage stress. Thus they can promote physical and mental wellbeing, and build resilience. 

Linda has been working from her clinic in Bath Road, Old Town, Swindon for the last two years. And now she’s supporting people online.

Master Hypnotherapist

Linda is a master hypnotherapist, qualified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and in holistic massage. She specialises in stress, anxiety and also in helping couples experiencing infertility. 

NB: Do not confuse clinical hypnotherapy with what you see on stage.

Life experiences leave Linda well-placed

Linda’s life story explains why she is so well-placed to support others through her work to build their resilience and provide coping strategies. 

Three years ago, Linda and her husband, Graham, returned to the UK after living in South Africa for 34 years and have struggled to build a new life. 

n 1983 they had emigrated along with their two small children following Graham’s redundancy. They worked hard and both built successful businesses.  

Linda said: “Life was a dream. We had a five-bedroomed home with a swimming pool; a holiday home; help to tend the garden and clean the house. We were able to afford private education for our children, and we enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle in a beautiful country with a warm sunny climate.

My practice was booming and, after experiencing an abusive upbringing myself, it seemed we’d found our own paradise.”

Paradise clouds over

Over the decades though things began to change. Due to an escalation in crime and violent behaviour their dream home became a place where they no longer felt safe. It wasn’t until a visit to Wiltshire for a holiday that they realised quite how much fear was an everyday part of their lives. 

Whilst walking around on the holiday, it occurred to them how liberating it was to feel safe and free to go where they wanted at any time.  They decided they would soon move back.

Eighteen months later an event involving their family forced their hand. Gun men hijacked the car carrying their daughter-in-law and two of their young grandchildren, in an upmarket suburb during the day.

Linda and Graham put their house on the market at once.

Back to the UK and a rude awakening

Back in the UK, reality kicked in and they realised they had no home, no friends, and no income. At the ages of 65 and 68, Linda and Graham had to completely build their businesses from scratch. Finding employment was impossible due to their ages.

Selling their house in South Africa was also far harder than expected. Indeed they wondered if they would be able to sell it at all, or even get any money from the sale.  The state of the South Africa’s declining economy meant that they lost eighty per cent of their wealth overnight. 

“We have to rent our property, which is very small and we will have to work for the rest of our lives, “ Linda said. 

“All these factors could have led me to spiral into depression. Yet, thanks to my professional skills, I’ve adapted and kept well mentally. It helps that both of us love what we do. 

But the point is this: we’ve experienced a massive change in our circumstances. So the feelings around lockdown are familiar to us and to me in particular. And if I can offer support to others then that’s the right thing to do.” 

Linda’s first webinar is fully booked.  She will though run a series of low-cost webinars ‘Resilience during Covid 19’ over the lockdown period.

She also offers one-to-one virtual sessions for £40 during Covid19. For more information visit