Spring clean your online shop, website expert urges businesses

Now is the time to do an online shop spring clean, says Martin Jarvis, MD of DMJ computer Services.

NB: DMJ computer Services is a Swindon-based web design and hosting company.

With premises closing due to Corona virus and organisations relying more than ever on having an effective online presence now is the time to brush the virtual cobwebs away.

As Martin says, now is the moment for businesses to carry out simple maintenance on their websites to make them more visible. And to enhance their effectiveness.

“With the best will in the world, it’s rare we have the thought, time, or inclination to make little tweaks, tidy-ups and other incremental updates to our websites,” said Martin. And he should know – he specialises in creating and hosting WordPress websites.

Simple Changes

Martin said simple changes, such as adding content, expanding service pages and posting regular blogs, would all help to increase traffic to a site.

He added: “Regular maintenance and housekeeping keeps a site looking good, as well as helping with search engine optimisation. It can also prevent bigger and more costly problems further down the line.”

Martin’s Top Tips

  • Refreshing old blog posts (which can be quicker and as effective as creating new ones)
  • Fixing any broken internal or outbound hyperlinks
  • Making sure any contact forms work, so enquiries get through
  • Ensuring plugins are up-to-date, deleting any that are no longer needed and ensuring fast loading of the site

Martin Jarvis, MD DMJ Computing - Do Online Shop Spring Clean Now

For more help and advice on spring cleaning a website. In particular for businesses with WordPress sites, email martinj@dmjcomputerservices.com

or visit https://dmjcomputerservices.com/.

And finally

It’s vital that you back your website up.

Martin said: “Regular, reliable, and available backups of a website are an absolute must. With no physical presence (due to lockdown), having a website offline for any period of time could have disastrous consequences.”

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