March 2020

If you’ve not done business blogging before here’s 5 reasons to blog now!

In normal circumstances, regular business blogging activity is a thing you should do. Along with brushing your teeth.  And you can find a bit more about business blogging and its benefits here

Yet we don’t have normal circumstances. What we have is a Covid-19 pandemic throttling the world. So here’s a few pointers on why you should fingers to keyboard pronto.

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1. Staying visible when you can’t do face-to-face networking/markets/run a bricks and mortar shop etc

This is paramount. This situation WILL end. And when it does you’ll be able to reopen your shop or trade at a market or restart whatever it is that you do. But you won’t be on your own in that will you?  Other shop owners/creatives/market traders/small business owners will be re-opening/shifting up a gear too. 

So, if you’ve stayed visible with regular blogging you’ve a fighting chance of those potential customers remembering you. 

2. You’ve got the time!

This is your chance to plan a few months’ worth of blogging content.

Once you have it planned I can help you with getting your blogs written. If you really don’t want to write, or you can’t write (it’s not everyone’s forte) or you can write but want someone to give it a sanity check – I can help. More on that at the end. 

And – if you’ve got more time to get blogs out there, then by extension, people will have more time to read them.

3. Answer your client’s pain points by writing blogs that offer solutions

I recommend you read They ask – You answer for more on this. 

Blogging drives traffic to your website. And website visits are what makes your Google juice extra flavoursome. Think about it. Google isn’t a knowledge provider. Google is a juggernaut of an information vessel transporting all the information out there on the WWW to people looking for it.

I read something the other day that said: ‘As of January 2020, there are 4.5 billion Internet users. And a big chunk of claim to be reading blogs on a regular basis.’

And we’ve already ascertained a chunk of them find themselves with time to read all of a sudden.

So get providing the knowledge for Google to transport.

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4. Build your online brand without selling

Telling isn’t selling – it’s that mindset that’s given selling a bad name. Instead, use your blogging to provide valuable content and show your expertise. Give your readers value and you’ll gain recognition in the community.

Become an authority in your niche – and that will build your online brand. 

5. Build up a store of content that you can use again and again

You can repurpose each blog into shorter posts to use on your social media content. Canva is a useful tool here. With Canva you can create a series of image-based posts that you can use on all your social media platforms. And, so long as the content isn’t topical, you can recycle them over and over. Social media timelines are busy places, people soon forget what they’ve seen. You might need to tweak a bit here and there of course. But you can soon build up a library of material for your marketing purposes.

5 Reasons to Blog Now! AND BLOG OFTEN!

Here’s how I can help

Watch this short film for a visual explanation of how my business activities wrap around this Born Again Swindonian blog. And read this post.

My Offer

In Swindon in Business we can put either a feature on your business like this one about Pink & Green organic skincare. Or we can do a content marketing piece. Something like this one about 3D Printing and SED Developments.

The big value of these pieces is the back-link to your business website and your social media platforms from a large site, updated regularly with frequent traffic. The articles sit there and Google does its thing. 

A one-off Swindon in Business feature costs £79.99. The price includes writing, uploading onto my blog and optimising for SEO and some initial social media activity to get it some traction. You can of course share the link to it across your own platforms. 

See all Swindon in Business posts here.

Then, beyond that, for regular blogging help there are two ways of doing it:

  1. Bash the blog/s out and send to me for proof-editing. I’ll make it readable and help Google to love it.
  2. I can ghost write them for you.

One blog to research and write is £55. I apply a modest discount to subsequent blogs and regular work, rather than one-offs.

I can also create a series of Canva posts for you to use on your social media platforms, to get extra mileage from your blogs. Most blogs will yield 4 to 6 suitable snippets of information. These are £5 each or 6 for £25.00.

Swindon and Wiltshire Creatives

For people that make/create these 5 reasons to blog now. are equally valid. For you there’s a Made in Wiltshire section on the blog. In here we can do a lovely feature about what you do. This one about Simon Webb is a good example. As is this feature about Dona Bradley, Architectural Illustrator.

In normal circumstances I have a two tier charge system for these features:

1. £80 for professionals
2. £40 for hobbyists.

In these extraordinary circumstances, I’m running a special offer on these posts. From April to end June, the cost is £60 for professionals and £30 for hobbyists.

To enquire about all of the services on offer here, you can email this blog, contact me on or via my Born Again Swindonian Facebook page.

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