March 2020

5 Swindon Books to Read Now – and yes two of them are mine … to pass pandemic purdah time

So, we’re in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic and at best are faced with a prolonged period of social distancing. Or at worst, lockdown, as we have at the time of reading.

So here’s five of the MANY Swindon books out there, fiction and non-fiction, written by Swindonians, with which to pass some fruitful time. Well, in fact, the title’s a bit of a cheat. Cos it’s four books and a DVD!

If you haven’t got them on your bookshelves now (and you might but not have read them) then head to the shop in Swindon central library as soon as you can. That said, some of the books included are available on mail order.

So – in no particular order:

1. A Swindon Wordsmith – George Ewart Hobbs

A Swindon Wordsmith - George Ewart Hobbs

By Noel Ponting & Graham Carter

‘George Ewart Hobbs’ vivid writing provides us with a unique and brilliantly observed insight into everyday and so-called “ordinary” life in Swindon a century ago.

In normal life you can find this book in the central library. It is though also available on Amazon. Click here to buy.

See also:

2. Secret Swindon

When we’re not on lockdown you can find Secret Swindon in our central library and Waterstones in Swindon. I have some copies, so if interested contact me on my Born Again Swindonian Facebook page – link below – or via this blog.

It’s also on Amazon here.

3. Swindon in 50 Buildings

Swindon in 50 Buildings

There’s a map in the front of this one. The buildings are divided into areas. So, maintaining social distance of course, you could always go exploring with book in hand.

More info on Swindon in 50 Buildings here.

In non Covid-19 times you can get this book from Swindon central library and Waterstones.

I have a few copies for sale. If you’re interested contact me via my Born Again Swindonian Facebook page which I’ll post below.

It’s also available on Amazon here.

You can contact me via my Born Again Swindonian Faceboook page here.

4. Struggle and Suffrage in Swindon: Frances Bevan

cover of struggle and suffrage in Swindon

From the website of Pen & Sword books:

‘As the industrial revolution and the coming of the railways transformed the Wiltshire countryside Swindon women were on the front line of change, shaping the new industrial town and transforming the old market one.’

It’s a great read is this one.

5. Railway Town: Martin Parry

Okay – so this isn’t a book it’s a DVD. I bet some of you have got DVD players gathering dust. Dig them out!

Available via mail order from Swindon Viewpoint.

More on Swindon Viewpoint Community Media here.

5 Swindon Books to Read Now

5 Swindon Books to Read Now - covers of books
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