Aspirations of Swindon children to be displayed on poster billboard

A billboard opportunity from a mortgage company is aimed at getting Swindon’s schoolchildren to Dream Big about their future homes and careers. The campaign will display their hopes and dreams on a poster billboard.

Mortgage specialists, South-West Mortgages, are asking children between the ages of eight and twelve about their dream jobs and homes.

The family-friendly business, based on both Commercial Rd and Old Town, wants parents to submit their children’s aspirations online.

Billboard Opportunity from Mortgage Company - boy in football gear on lawn in front of large house.
William Dobbin as a footballer in front of his dream home

They’ll choose six children from all the entries to front the campaign, showing a cross-section of childhood ambition.


A photoshoot will dress them for their dream job, with their dream home as a backdrop.

Those selected will tower above their friends from a three-metre tall billboard on Old Town’s Newport Street. Also, the campaign organisers will arrange for the children to spend an ‘experience’ day in their dream job. That way they can learn more about the career they want to persue.

Billboard Opportunity from Mortgage Company - boy with football in front of house
How the billboard will look – Billboard Opportunity from Mortgage Company

David Dobbin, MD of South-West Mortgages explained: I’ve got two sons and their aspirations change as the world around them influences them. I want to showcase the great stories of some of Swindon’s children to inspire their peers to dream big.

Swindon attracted the graduate David, in 1998, by its abundance of well-paid work and affordable housing.

He gained industry experience with Portman Building Society then Legal & General, Zurich and other financial services powerhouses. He went on to establish South-West Mortgages 19 years ago. The company’s ethos is to offer house-hunters and homeowners renewing their mortgage, better access to help and advice. Thus, helping adults to fulfil their own home-life and career ambitions.

The plentiful supply of good jobs and affordable housing remain a big draw for young professionals. Compared to Bristol, Bath and Oxford, Swindon benefits from a good mix of housing stock. There’s new-builds and conversion apartments to historic railway terraces and smart townhouses. And post-war semis with good sized gardens are also a draw for young professionals.

Switch on to Swindon

Recent research commissioned by Nationwide Building Society for the place marketing board, Switch on to Swindon, found Swindon a big draw for aspirational homeowners. They’re attracted to a lively town surrounded by beautiful countryside and within easy reach of London and the South-West.

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How to apply

Parents can submit their child’s entry into the Dream Big campaign at before Friday, April 10.

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