Apprentices get connected with using social media for business

Digital apprentices gained business social media insights thanks to Wiltshire expert Yola O’Hara. 

The British Computer Society invited Yola, founder of Royal Wootton Bassett-based social media company Visually Explained, to present and run workshops at an event in London. The BCS staged the event to tie in with National Apprenticeship Week.

Called ‘Look Beyond – Digital Apprenticeship Challenge’, BCS targeted the one-day conference at digital apprentices and organisations offering apprenticeships.  The conference aimed itself at extending their understanding of the value of social media in the business world.

The focus of the workshops in which digital apprentices get business social media insights

Yola focused her talk and workshops on five main areas:

  1. How to get engagement for a business idea
  2. How to improve brand recognition
  3. An insight into LinkedIn as a business platform
  4. Using influencers and …
  5. … standing out from the crowd on social media.

“I was delighted that the BCS asked me to speak at the event,” said Yola. “People are familiar with using social media in their personal life. Yet, as soon as they apply it to business they sound formal and corporate.

They need to learn to be true to themselves. If they remain authentic, then their uniqueness will come through. And it is uniqueness that will help them to get noticed in what’s a very crowded arena. 

“I wanted to help the apprentices understand that social media isn’t only about posting photos of people wearing silly hats! There is a process. And, if they use a process, and engage with their audience, it’s an effective business tool.”

Co-presenters Joshua Uwadiae, of WeGym, and Danielle Ariyo-Francis, of IBM, joined Yola at the event, attended by some 50 apprentices and organisations.

Yola added: “I was pleasing to support this National Apprenticeship Week event. It’s my belief that it’s vital we attract young people to work in social media. That’s why I have taken on New College students for work experience and am considering creating an apprentice position within Visually Explained.”

Visually Explained specialises in delivering outsourced social media. The company also creates social media libraries for clients and audits their social media platforms. VE runs social media training programmes and workshops too.

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