Before I get to the ways to work with me stuff, here’s a brief introduction.

Written by me, Angela Atkinson, Born Again Swindonian celebrates Swindon – the town that I call home and that I’ve come to love in the half-century+ years I’ve lived here.

Alongside this blog, I’ve written three Swindon-related books, am chair of Swindon Civic Voice and a devoted grandma.

There’s more Born again Swindonian background here.

Front covers of Secret Swindon, Swindon in 50 Buildings and Ken White: muralist and painter
Swindon in 50 Buildings, Secret Swindon and Ken White: Muralist and Painter – a Ken White Retrospective

You Tube Stuff

Over on YouTube you can hear me talk about Secret Swindon here and Swindon in 50 Buildings here. There’s all sorts of other content there too so hope over and have a look.

Ways to Work With Me

Wrapped around Born Again Swindonian, are the activities by which I earn a crust – the ways to work with me. Namely: content marketing articles for, or articles about, Swindon & Wiltshire businesses for placement on this blog in either/or both the Swindon in Business and Made in Wiltshire sections of the blog.

The value of placing a content marketing, straightforward business feature or a Made in Wiltshire feature on this blog lies in the back links. The articles sit on here and Google does its thing of recognising the links to your own websites and social media platforms – thus helping your own SEO.

This piece about the Prosecco Party is an example of what I mean by content marketing.

The rates for all of these services are modest to make them accessible. For the Made in Wiltshire posts there are two levels: for hobbyists or for professionals. I also do a bit of initial social media activity to get the pieces some traction. And then ad hoc after that.

Get in touch to find out more. You can leave a message on this blog or on the Born again Swindonian Facebook page.

I also offer proof-reading & proof-editing services – with the focus on business blogs.

So, if you can’t write, don’t want to write or are too busy to write – get in touch.

Ways in which to work with me

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