Media experts help form Switch on to Swindon communication strategy

Local media representatives, journalists and online bloggers (like Born again Swindonian) helped shape the aims and objectives of a special network, striving to improve perceptions of Swindon. In January 2020 came together to help form a Switch on to Swindon Communication strategy.

The Switch on To Swindon (SOTS) business ambassador network is now in its third year. At this stage it’s refreshing its strategy and using the expertise of the town’s local media and PR professionals to develop its forthcoming communications plan. They kicked off the process of at a recent workshop in Swindon’s Carriage Works – housing Workshed.

The SOTS network, which has grown to over 850 ambassadors, came into being to harness the positive attitude of the local community. The Switch on to Swindon brand is now synonymous with local civic pride. Swindon has a strong and varied business cluster and the ambassadors work together to talk up the town.

Images from Fiona Scott.

A Refreshed SOTS Vision

Business Ambassadors working together to promote Swindon as a thriving community in which to live, work and invest. The core values behind messaging and activity are: 

  • Ambition
  • Community
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  •  Positivity.

Three Key Aims

The Switch On board also agreed three key aims:

1. Live:    To promote the positive perception of Swindon as an ambitious growing town of the future to internal and external audiences.

2. Work:  To inspire and support the development of talented people to enable growth and innovation.

3.  Invest: To work with partners to attract inward investment to grow the economy.

Over the coming months, several themes will support these three aims featuring business and ambassador case studies; press releases and editorials; social media and online content.

Switch on To Swindon Chair, Jenny Groves, said: Following the TechSwindon campaign at the successful Switch on To Swindon event at Nationwide Building Society in June 2019, the Board has worked on refreshing and defining its core values and themes for the year ahead.

Ambassador numbers are now over 850, yet there’s an even greater need for the business community to pull together and promote Swindon’s strengths to the outside world. So this was the right time to reflect on what has worked well and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The media and online bloggers workshop proved insightful. It strengthened our resolve to challenge perceptions and promote some of the fantastic qualities of Swindon. Qualities that have attracted companies and people from all over the world.

The Borough, like anywhere else, has its challenges, yet Swindon’s resilience and community spirit is one of its greatest assets and we look forward to working together for another year. 

The next piece of work is to refresh the marketing collateral and develop content under the themes, so we will be reaching out to ambassadors again to help us.”

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