IMHO, Intelligent Dialogue is a rather good name for a business that does what this Wiltshire-based business does do: training and coaching. And more of that soon. 

But first let’s have a little look at the words that comprise this business’ name. Humour me – I did an English degree not long back – so I rather like a word! And there is a point to it – as I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to see. 

The mass noun, intelligence, is late Middle English, via Old French from the Latin Intelligentia. That in turn comes from intelligere – meaning understand.  Intelligence then is an ability to get and put to good use, knowledge and skills. Besides that, as well as being something we have (or not), intelligence is something we get when we gather political or military information. 

Moving on to dialogue– one definition/application of the word is that of a discussion between two or more people or groups. In particular where it involves exploring of a certain subject or problem resolution.

You see now why this is such a great name for a training deliverer? ‘Yes, I do. Tell me more about them!’ I hear you cry.

Who are they and where are they?

Intelligent Dialogue - Diane Banister

The MD of Intelligent Dialogue, Diane Banister and her training team are new kids on the block. 

By which I mean new(ish) to the Swindon/Wiltshire area – (Royal Wootton Bassett to be precise) and not new to their field. Nothing could be further from the truth there.

Indeed, they have well over twenty-five years’ experience in helping their clients to achieve tangible results from the training they deliver.


Intelligent Dialogue training room ready for delegates

If you’re in the business of wanting to grow your business and need help with the following then you’re reading the right blog post:

  • Developing your sales team
  • Improving the quality of the telephone conversations you have with your customers
  • Developing your customer experience
  • Helping your team leaders and managers to flourish
  • Developing your future managers and leaders

‘Okay, so they’re experienced and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Well so have plenty of other coaching deliverers. Why should I choose them over the Terrific Training Delivery Company that I’ve used before?’

That’s a good and fair question. One which I’ll try to answer.

Why choose Intelligent Dialogue training and coaching for your training needs?

Well there’s the years of practice they’ve had between them for a start. They’ve walked the walk and talked the talk. And I know that’s a cliché – but that’s because it’s true. That’s how clichés form. 

The people at Intelligent Dialogue have first-hand, hands-on experience of sales, of management, of call centres and of customer service. In short: they’re training you in what theyknow. That’s not always the case with trainers – there are some who work from a generic written training programme. 

That expertise makes them credible. And with credibility comes faster participant buy-in. And buy-in brings faster results.

Tailored Training

What’s more, Intelligent Dialogue work with you and your specific outcomes in mind. What that means to you is this: 

Intelligent Dialogue deliver a training course or a development programme that helps its participants build the skills and confidence they need to support your business. And that’s another thing that helps you achieve your ROI in the training. 

Be In Tune with Intelligent Dialogue

Let’s assume now that you’ve seen enough to think ‘Yes! I’d love to use these people in my business. I’m sure they’d be great at meeting my customer service training needs but …’ The BUT being that you don’t have the budget. Well never fear, the Intelligent Dialogue, In Tune downloadable training materials are here.

Armed with these easy-to-use materials* you can run your own customer service training.

*Available in US English or British English packs.

You can download a free sample from the website before you commit yourself to buying. And there’s a whole range of materials to choose from. Buy them either as discrete units or as a complete In Tune training package. Either way you won’t hit a bum note. 

Prices range from £150 + VAT for the In Tune with Extraordinary Service unit to £950 + VAT for the full package.  

three people on an intelligent dialogue training course

What do their clients say?

Another good and fair question. Why should you take my word for it?

Well, you don’t need to because there’s a whole heap of super testimonials here on their website. And a funky illustrated one plucked from their Twitter stream:

Intelligent dialogue testimonial taken from Twitter

 By now your interest is surely piqued? In which case the next thing to do is get in touch with the ID team here.

If you’re social media minded and you’d like to check out their social media platforms you’ll find them on 
Twitter and LinkedIn.  And, of course, Facebook:

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