July 2019

I confess I didn’t know that Christmas in July is a thing in Down Under. I rather like the idea I must say. Amazing what you discover when writing about Christmas at the Wyvern Theatre.

What Christmas in July is in this country though, is a marketing opportunity. A quick root on a well-known search engine* brings up all sorts of marketing suggestions for business of all kinds. But in particular for hotels, restaurants and theatres to showcase Christmas menus and events. Makes sense.

*Other search engines are available. Like Ecosia for example which plants trees.

So – cue somwhat surreal silliness at the Wyvern Theatre for their Christmas in July event.

Born again Swindonian and Father Chritmas.

After sharing this on Twitter, Santa came online to apologise profusely for his drunken behaviour. Too many sherries and Santagrias he said. True story!


So we gorged on pigs in blankets, as is only right and proper it being Christmas, while the lovely Wyvern marketing team told us what’s going down at the theatre over the forthcoming festive season. And I know it’s only July BUT – JC’s birthday will hurtle towards us at the speed of light once we get into August.

Being all about the food and drink, my ears pricked up at mention of a new service being planned (I don’t think it’s here yet) whereby you’ll be able to get interval drinks brought to your seat. Which will be nice!

Now, I spend a fair amount of time in Surrey at my daughter’s and Esher has an Everyman cinema – go to an Everyman and you’ll never go to a multiplex again. The Everymans have couches and cushions and tables and tons of leg room. You order food and drink before you go into your film and they bring it to you. It’s amazing. I wish we had an Everyman in Swindon.

Sooo – back to the point – I’m liking this plan from the Wyvern.

Christmas Dining

Leaflet of Wyvern theatre Christmas menu

The Wyvern Theatre offers a range of pre-show dining experiences. All the info on their website here: https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/eat_drink

Christmas Paaaaartttyyy!

Leaflet/programme for Wyvern Theatre Christmas party.

If you want to get a group of folk together for a Christmas party event there’s all the info here.

He’s behind you!

Then last, but by no means least, there’s the Wyvern Christmas Panto. I’ve been to a few of these – they’re a great night.

This year’s panto is Sleeping Beauty, starring Michelle Collins (I’ve heard of her) and Chris Jarvis (not heard of him – but that means nothing. I’m not exactly current.)

Front of flyer for Wyvern Theatre Christmas pantomime

Full Wyvern Pantomime details are here.

Oh yes they are!!!

In the Spotlight!

The top floor venue for Wyvern Theatre dinner parties or pre-show dining.

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