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SWINDON Night Shelter, the charity that provides support for rough sleepers, the homeless and those whose housing leaves them vulnerable, has launched two fund-raising schemes to help them become more financially sustainable.

Celebrating ten years in 2019, Swindon Night Shelter has grown and developed its services and has helped thousands of people over the last decade. Yet maintaining these services is costly for an organisation which receives no grant funding from government – either on a national or local level.

This month, they have launched both a Friends of Swindon Night Shelter initiative and a business sponsorship scheme to help meet monthly bills.

Organiser Becky Davison said: ‘We feel privileged to have helped others as part of this Christian-based organisation. We wish to continue this work. To do that we we need financial sustainability. These schemes will help us to achieve it.’

Swindon Night Shelter and its army of volunteers support five main projects around homelessness in the town:

*The Haven – a drop in day centre on Queen’s Drive which opened in January.
*The Hub – a café on Clive Parade, Cricklade Road, Pinehurst offering work experience.
*The Hive – warehouse for storage and work experience opportunities.
*The Shelter – the original service offered, a Friday night stay in St Mary’s Church Hall, Rodbourne Cheney with a hot meal.
*The Gate cafes – community cafes and pop up shop in the Parks and Penhill, set up to prevent homelessness, isolation and holiday hunger.

Becky and the team are now asking people to consider donating on a monthly basis to help with ongoing costs.

“A donation of £5 a month covers our internet costs for a month to support our guests with claims and accessing essential services online while they are with us. £10 a month covers the cost of a TV licence, allowing enjoyment of an activity most of us take for granted. £25 covers the road tax for our vans. They’re are on the road every day collecting food, donations and taking our guests to appointments or to a shelter,’ Becky explained.

The charity is also asking businesses around the town to consider donating on a more consistent basis too. There are opportunities to become:
*A main partner – £1000 a month which covers the cost of food and utility bills.
*An official business partner – £500 a month which pays the wages of a part-time donations coordinator.
*An official supplier – able to offer a range of free or heavily discounted services or products including an electrician, book-keeper or accountant.

Becky Davison, Swindon Night Shelter.

For more details on the opportunities on offer visit or call 01793 613116 during office hours.

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