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Tim Carroll Swindon Artist
This post features Tim Carroll and the Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition 2019 . Tim is the exhibition organiser.

Tim Carroll Swindon Artist  - Tim Carroll at Bath Artists Society

Not only is one of Tim’s paintings, Orangerie, on the exhibition poster, he also has some paintings in the exhibition.

‘This highly popular exhibition showcases the best of the region’s artistic talent. It’s a must for art lovers and collectors alike, with all works for sale.

The Society was founded in 1904 with 26 members. It has grown over the years to a membership of around 120 diverse, talented artists.

Many distinguished 20th-century painters have exhibited with the Society including Walter Sickert, Patrick Heron, Mary Fedden and Howard Hodgkin.’

Gardens, galleries and walking around

On her lovely blog, Gardens, galleries and walking around, Tim’s partner Linda posted about Tim Carroll at Bath Artists Society. And the opening night at the Victoria Art Gallery.

With Tim being exhibition organiser, Linda has all the ‘behind the scenes’ info. As she says: ‘it’s a tremendous undertaking to select and gather work together to exhibit in the prestigious Victoria Art Gallery.’

And a few more photos below:

More about Tim Carroll Swindon Artist work

See also this post below about Tim’s wonderful body of work, 100 Views of Swindon.

Doing a Ronseal, this is exactly what it says it is. A book comprising a collection of paintings that comprises 100 personal and intimate views of Swindon. #obvs

I love these paintings for:
1. Thee style and I love the colours.
2. Their depictions of Swindon and …
3. … their lack of focus on the iconic and the picturesque. Tim has painted the everyday too.

And now Tim’s collected them all together in to a lovely little book.

It’s a super collection of work. I had a job on choosing one. And there had to be a choice as I simply don’t have the wall space. In the end I plumped for one that featured the David Murray John tower. I’ve contented myself with that one and a few others in postcard form – notably The Blondinis. This post shows Tim, a few years back now, doing some restoration work on this gorgeous and exuberant piece of public art.

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