2nd June 2019

Today, at long last, a blue plaque was unveiled at the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate Yay!

I’m so pleased to see this. There’s a blue plaque in Surbiton on the house where Jefferies and his wife lived. There’s even a non-blue plaque on Surbiton library. So it’s high-time his birthplace in Swindon got one.

This video on my under-used Born again Swindonian YouTube channel shows Mike Pringle unveiling the plaque: https://youtu.be/R7ktJcyMc5E

The other plaques that Mike refers to:

Blue plaque over the blue front door of the Richard Jefferies Museum.  Blue Plaque unveiled at  Richard Jefferies Museum.

The new blue plaque over the front door of the Richard Jefferies Museum.

Bust of Richard Jefferies looking out of the window. Blue plaque over front door.

The bust of Richard Jefferies looks down over his new plaque!

Also on the subject of blue plaques in Swindon is this almost comprehensive post: https://swindonian.me/2018/08/16/blue-plaques-in-swindon/ The post contains a Google map that takes you round most of them. I should get that updated really …

See also about the Richard Jefferies museum here. And the
Richard Jeffries society here.

And there’s more on Swindon’s blue plaques on this Swindon Heritage blue plaques webpage.

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